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HammerFall to do special Glory To the Brave session in Falun 2017!


Since this is the 20th anniversary of HammerFall‘s debut album Glory To The Brave, the band has decided to do something very special to celebrate this milestone. At Bang Your Head Festival in Germany and Sabaton Open Air in Sweden, they members will be joined on stage by Swedish Grammy nominees Draupner (featuring 3-time key-fiddle world champion Magnus Holmström) for an extensive Glory To The Brave session that you won’t see anywhere else.

Singer Joacim Cans exclaims: “I have worked with these wizards of folk music before, and what they are capable of doing on their instruments is almost impossible. If Yngwie Malmsteen played key-fiddle his name would be Magnus Holmström. This will truly be an epic and unforgettable addition to the live set!”

Draupner represents the timeless Swedish folk music tradition and will put their very unique stamp on some of the HammerFall classics. Expect something very much out of the ordinary for this segment, as no other band on this level has incorporated the Swedish folk music and made the tradition come alive in a heavy metal setting.

This will be reserved for the headline slot of these two festivals, and nowhere else.

Hammerfall to do special Glory To the Brave session in Falun!
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Daniel Sjögren fills in for Hannes for a few shows.

Hello Everyone!

Time has come for me to travel homewards for a short while to be with and for my family, home in the north.  My family on the road will have the miles pass underneath the busses and trucks as usual and the show will go on!

So, I hereby introduce you to a dear friend of ours: Daniel Sjögren! He is the sweetest of dudes and an excellent drummer! He was kind enough to help us out and will sit on my drum throne for a few shows until I’m back with my road family, brothers and sisters all over the world again!

Daniel has been rehearsing with Hannes and the Band for the last four weeks.

I’m a bit jealous of all you guys who’s going to see him kill it every night:) Please give him your awesome warm “Sabaton Battalion” support, have fun and I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon again!

Yours truly, The Vandahl

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Thank you Russia!


Last night in Moscow we wrapped up our tour of Russia and Belarus, in glory.
A memorable show in a packed venue, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Can’t wait to be back!
But now we head to the Baltic Sea for our cruise and the last shows of the year, in Riga and Vilnius.

Спасибо, Россия!

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Sabaton in Yekaterinburg [RU]

Sabaton in Yekaterinburg [RU]

Thank you Yekaterinburg for once again giving us such a warm welcome! Great show and atmosphere, and we even got a delicious cake to celebrate with after the show.

Большое спасибо! And onwards to Samara.

Sabaton in Yekaterinburg [RU]
Sabaton in Yekaterinburg [RU]
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Sabaton in Mexico City

Sabaton in Mexico City

Yesterday we had a blast in Ciudad de Mexico, starting the day with a courtesy visit to Chapultepec Castle. (presently is The National Museum of History and the only royal castle in America), where the Technical Cabinet Secretary Lic. Roberto Padilla Dominguez personally personally awarded us a special gift in the form of a beautiful custom made silver medal, thanking Sabaton for their visit to Mexico.

Afterwards, a fantastic sold out show at Lunario was a fitting end to a perfect day. Now onwards to Monterrey and Guadalajara to wrap up this memorable Latin American tour!

Sabaton in Mexico City
Sabaton in Mexico City
Sabaton in Mexico City
Sabaton in Mexico City
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Sabaton in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sabaton in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sabaton got tonight one of the wildest reactions ever in Buenos Aires, on our debut show in Argentina. One of the loudest crowds ever sang along to every word!

Muchas gracias Argentina, volvemos pronto!

Sabaton in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sabaton in Buenos Aires, Argentina

A few hours earlier we safely landed in Buenos Aires, being warmly welcomed by both the Immigration officials and by the fans who prepared this lovely dessert for the band.

Sabaton in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sabaton in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Sabaton at the Expeditionary Museum in Curitiba, Brazil

Sabaton at the Expeditionary Museum in Curitiba, Brazil

While in Curitiba, Sabaton were invited to visit the Expeditionary Museum, which honours the memory and sacrifices of the Brazilian Expeditionary Legion, who for 18 months trained and battled alongside the Allied forces during WWII.

Unknown to the band, our friends in the Museum (mostly descendants of the veterans themselves) had prepared an incredible surprise for Sabaton: an intimate ceremony during which the band was awarded the “Tenente Max Wolff Filho” medal (for bringing to life the story of these heroes on the now classic song “Smoking Snakes”), an extraordinary distinction that had previously only been awarded to two foreigners, both ex-combatants – an Italian partizan and a Russian veteran – now residing in Brazil.

That makes Sabaton the first non-military foreigners to be bestowed such an honour, and we’re pretty sure the first Heavy Metal band ever to receive such a special gift!

To make matters even more humbling, the medal and corresponding diploma were handed to the band by none other than two surviving “Smoking Snakes” veterans themselves!

“Cobras Fumantes, eterna é sua Vitória!”

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Sabaton in Porto Alegre, Brazil 2016

Sabaton In Porto Alegre Brazil 2016

Sabaton had a triumphant return to Porto Alegre last night, embraced once again with open arms by the “gaúcho” fans!

Sabaton In Porto Alegre Brazil 2016

And if that wasn’t enough, a (very) young fan attending his first concert ever drew this familiar-looking piece and gifted it to the band after the show.

Sabaton In Porto Alegre Brazil 2016

Onwards to Curitiba for the last show in Brazil on this tour, before heading to Argentina for the very first time!

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Sabaton helping charity in Limeira, Brazil

Sabaton helping charity @ Limeira, BR

Sabaton’s show last night in Limeira turned out to even more special than usual. A food drive was held as part of the show to help the charity institutions in the area, and the outcome was quite impressive!

Thanks to our local friend Edson (here pictured with Sabaton and the food raised at the show) who organized it, we hope this small gesture makes a little difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

Sabaton helping charity @ Limeira, BR
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Sabaton gör en skivsignering på Dreamhack den 26 november

Sabaton gör en skivsignering på Dreamhack 26 november

Vi har sedan tidigare ett fint samarbete och en nära relation till DREAMHACK vilket är världens största LAN-party. Eventet går av stapeln på Elmiamässan i Jönköping mellan den 24 – 27 november, och på lördagen den 26 november kommer Sabaton att göra en signering där mellan 16:00 – 18:00.

Vårt nya album ”The Last Stand” kommer att kunna införskaffas på plats.

Vad?: SABATON signerar skivor mm.
Datum: Lördagen den 26 november
Tid: 16:00 – 18:00

Vi är som ni vet i full gång med världsturnén ”THE LAST TOUR” och i vår gör vi ett flertal efterlängtade datum i Sverige!
Som ”special guest” har vi med oss inga mindre än legendariska ACCEPT.
Öppnar gör TWILIGHT FORCE som även de kommer från vår hemstad Falun.


17 mars – Norrköping, Himmelstalundshallen
18 mars – Sandviken, Göransson Arena
19 mars – Örebro, Conventum Arena
22 mars – Lund, Sparbank Skåne Arena
24 mars – Stockholm, Hovet
25 mars – Göteborg, Frölundaborg
31 mars – Umeå, Energi Vind Arena
1 april – Luleå, Energi Arena

Förutom dessa datum så avslutar vi såklart sommaren hemma i Falun med vår egna festival: Sabaton Open Air som går av stapeln 16-19 augusti.

Sabaton Open Air 2017
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Birthday dinner for Tommy in Brazil

Tommys birthday dinner in Brazil

Yesterday we arrived in Brazil, and since it was Tommy’s birthday we celebrated him with a nice dinner here in Belo Horizonte!

Tommys birthday dinner in Brazil

… And after the dinner some of us enjoyed the first evening in Brazil having a cold beer at a local watering hole! :)

Happy birthday Tommy, and:

– Let the Latin American tour begin!

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Thobbe Englund leaves Sabaton

Thobbe Englund leaves Sabaton

Our colleague and brother Thobbe Englund has decided to part ways with Sabaton.
We wish him nothing but success and good luck in the future, and we salute him for all the good years and the fantastic moments we shared both on and off the stage!

Below is Thobbe’s own words:

Dear friends!

Today I have decided to announce my leave from Sabaton.

Why? …many may ask.

– There is this thing that I truly believe in, and that is that one should always follow the heart.
I have in recent years become more aware of what would make me feel real happiness and content, and that is to expand my own creativeness in combination with a somewhat stiller life, where I will not tour all year round at the speed of light.

Unfortunately as a consequence I will not be able to meet all of you wonderful people out there, which is sad, and I´m really gonna miss you all.
But I will still be making music, of course, and as I am writing this I am making plans for the future.

During the many years of touring with Sabaton we have become like brothers.
Together with the best crew in the world we´ve had a true blast and there is a bond between all of us that cannot be broken.
Therefore I find no reason to be sentimental, because brothers and sisters are friends for life, and the future is bright!

Always yours truly.

Thobbe will do some more shows during the summer and play his final gig with Sabaton in our hometown Falun, on our own festival Sabaton Open Air, for the releaseparty of our new album The Last Stand.

After that a new guitar player will carry on.

Do not fear friends, the show will go on!

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First dates of THE LAST TOUR in Europe 2017!

The Last Tour

Today we can present the first dates for our massive European tour 2017. THE LAST TOUR is the biggest tour of SABATON yet and scheduled to kick off January 7th at König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

Very special guests are none other than heavy metal legends ACCEPT!

We have just finished our new album, which is titled THE LAST STAND and we know we have done a great album, which all fans of SABATON can appreciate for many years. If it is the best album of us, time will tell… But what we can tell for sure is that THE LAST TOUR will be the biggest and best tour of SABATON ever. It is the tour we have been looking forward to do for all these years!“ / Pär Sundström – Sabaton

Accepting a tour with SABATON is the result of a very cool relationship we have with the band. It was a great pleasure to tour with them in USA and we followed their career with respect over the years. We have not seen a band who has such a clear vision where they want to go and it is rare that bands can translate their visions into real action. SABATON are a hard working band and are a serious role model for aspiring musicians and young bands. We are looking forward to have an exciting tour – especially after we have been in the studio for a while and sure feel some kind of cabin fever…“ / Wolf Hoffmann – Accept

2016-05-30 Announcement_1_Tourposter_Web

Tickets for all shows will be available on May 31st at 10:00am CET and can be purchased here:

Additional shows to be announced at a later date.

Our 8th album: THE LAST STAND will be released worldwide on August 19th through NUCLEAR BLAST.


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Exclusive cinema premieres of “Heroes On Tour” in Germany!

SABATON Heroes On Tour« live DVD/CD package on March 4th, 2016

We will unleash our newest live output, a 2-DVD+CD / 2-Blu-ray+CD package called “Heroes On Tour“, on March 4th via Nuclear Blast.

You can experience the new DVD’s premiere in one of 25 CineStar cinemas in Germany one day before the official release, on March 3rd, at 8pm CET.
The full Wacken show of 2015 will be shown on this evening.

Enjoy the ultimate SABATON live experience with great sound and the best viewing quality exclusively in the CineStar cinema in your vicinity!
This events are not to be missed!

The previews will take place in the following cities:

Berlin Alexanderplatz CineStar – CUBIX Filmpalast; Rathausstr. 1, 10178 Berlin
Berlin Potsdamer Platz CineStar Original; Potsdamer Straße 4, 10785 Berlin
Berlin Tegel CineStar Tegel – Der Filmpalast; Am Borsigturm 2, 13507 Berlin
Bielefeld CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Zimmerstraße 10-14, 33602 Bielefeld
Bremen CineStar Kristall-Palast; Hans-Bredow-Straße 9, 28307 Bremen
Chemnitz CineStar – Der Filmpalast Am Roten Turm: Neumarkt 2, 09111 Chemnitz
Dortmund CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Steinstraße 44, 44147 Dortmund
Düsseldorf CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Hansaallee 245, 40549 Düsseldorf
Erfurt CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Hirschlachufer 7, 99084 Erfurt
Erlangen CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Nürnberger Str. 31, 91052 Erlangen
Frankfurt a. M. CineStar Metropolis; Eschenheimer Anlage 40, 60318 Frankfurt a.M.
Fulda CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Löherstraße 41, 36037 Fulda
Garbsen CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Rathausplatz 2, 30823 Garbsen
Ingolstadt CineStar Westpark; Am Westpark 2, 85057 Ingolstadt
Karlsruhe Filmpalast am ZKM; Brauerstraße 40, 76136 Karlsruhe
Kassel CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Karlsplatz 8, 34117 Kassel
Leipzig CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Petersstraße 44, 04109 Leipzig
Lübeck CineStar – Filmpalast Stadthalle; Mühlenbrücke 11, 23552 Lübeck
Ludwigshafen CineStar – Der Filmpalast; In der Walzmühle, Yorckstraße 2, 67061 Ludwigshafen
Magdeburg CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Am Pfahlberg 5, 39128 Magdeburg
Mainz CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Holzhofstraße 1, 55116 Mainz
Oberhausen CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Luise-Albertz-Platz 1, 46047 Oberhausen
Osnabrück CineStar – Der Filmpalast; Theodor-Heuss-Platz 6-9, 49074 Osnabrück
Rostock CineStar Lütten Klein; St.-Petersburger-Str.18b, 18107 Rostock
Saarbrücken CineStar – Der Filmpalast; St.-Johanner-Straße 61, 66115 Saarbrücken

Tickets (15,– €, Students: 12,– €) and more info will be available from Friday, January 29th, on

Watch the official teaser live video for “Resist And Bite” from Wacken on YouTube:

Pre-order “Heroes On Tour” in various formats here:

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Europa Universalis IV – Sabaton Soundtrack

Europa Universalis IV - Sabaton Soundtrack

Today we break new ground and release a soundtrack as DLC for the computer game Europa Universalis IV as a cooperation with the Swedish gaming studio Paradox Interactive.
It will be songs selected from our history that will fit the mood of the game!
We think it is very exciting that our music will now be available for Steam and for people who play this strategic computer game.

This first-ever collaboration between Paradox Interactive and Sabaton includes the following songs:

1. A Lifetime Of War
2. Art Of War
3. The Lion From The North
4. Carolus Rex
5. Karolinens Bön

Get it here:


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Tickets for Sabaton Open Air 2016!

Tickets for Sabaton Open Air 2016

The PRE SALE for the 2016 issue of our own festival, in our hometown Falun, has started!

This is a 3-day hard rock festival on one of the greatest venues in the world: The Lugnet National Ski Stadium in Falun, Sweden.

Founded in 2008 and managed by Sabaton since then.

Sabaton Open Air is often described as the most epic Sabaton event ever, and along with all other bands playing, the festival attracts visitors from over 30 nations every year.

Previous artists at Sabaton Open Air includes:
Testament, Helloween, Raubtier, Gamma Ray, Kreator, Finntroll, D-A-D, Mustasch, Wintersun, Sonata Arctica, Danko Jones, Hardcore Superstar, Iced Earth, Pretty Maids, Hypocrisy, Pain, Dark Funeral, Turisas, Korpiklaani, Crimson Glory, and many more…

You can find all info and tickets here on the festival homepage:

We hope to meet you all in our own backyard 18-20:th of August 2016!

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We will record the show at Sabaton Open Air in our hometown Falun!

sabaton live dvd recording

Just a few days ago Pär revealed that we have plans to make a new live DVD/Bluray and we can now tell you a bit more of the plans.

In August we have our Sabaton Open Air in our hometown Falun. It is happening for the 8th year in a row and this unique event has over the years brought people from around the world to this special show.

Fans who have travelled there know what is so special about it and now our plan is to share that with the rest of the world so we decided to record the 2015 years show in full!

This will be a DVD/Blu ray which is planned to be released early 2016. It will also contain more Sabaton stuff, including more live shows that we will explain more about later.

Sabaton Open Air 2015

We feel that the time is right for another live release.

A lot has happened with Sabaton since the last release which was recorded 2012 in Poland. We have a new album and Hannes is now in the band.
But not only that…

We now have two new members on the stage. Audie and Walther!

And all together we now make a show which is better then ever before.
This is something we would love to record so it stays forever!

If you wanna be part of a totally unique thing, come to Falun and join in the worlds biggest Sabaton party.

Tickets and more festival details:

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Sabaton returns to the UK & Ireland!

We could not get enough from our last UK tour so we decided to come back. And we wanted to team up with one of the best bands we have toured with so far: Alestorm!
In order to give all of you a great evening both bands will play a full set! And we also brought the fantastic Bloodbound with us!

– What do you think of that?


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Unique merchandise from our past tours

unique designed merchandise by Sabaton

Looking for an special designed tour shirt?

We often manufacture unique items for our tours, and not only the tour shirt with all dates on the backside. We often make t-shirts for one show only with the date and some more info printed on the backside just to make it a bit more exclusive and more valuable memorabilia than a regular shirt.

Some unique examples:

  • Sabaton Open Air 2015 - Eagle T-shirt

    Sabaton Open Air 2015 – Eagle

    Sale! 27.95 21.95 inc. Vat
    Select options
  • Sabaton Sofia 2015 T-shirt

    Sofia 2015

    Sale! 31.95 24.95 inc. Vat
    Select options
  • Sabaton Soldier Tourshirt

    Soldier Tourshirt

    Sale! 26.95 21.95 inc. Vat
    Select options
  1. The Soldier Tourshirt from the 2015 HEROES tour. One of 2 available designs with all tour dates printed on the back side. The other design is called: “Monument Tourshirt” and has also a few items still in stock.
  2. The special designed shirt from the Sofia show in 2015 with a front side featuring the artwork from the HEROES album and also the Bulgarian flag. On the back side the date and city is printed in Bulgarian.
  3. The t-shirt from the 2015 issue of our own festival: Sabaton Open Air in our hometown Falun, Sweden. This is one of 2 designs that was available during and after the event. And this is the only one left in stock right now.

Do we re-print these items?

All items specially designed for tours, festivals or shows are never ever re-printed again. That’s why a design can be available in only a few different sizes, and never re-stocked again.

If we would re-print theses items, they would not be unique and special any more, and the purpose of printing them in the first place would be totally lost!

If you find a shirt you would like, but can’t find it in your size, we are very sorry to say that there is nothing we can do to help you. It’s sold out, for ever.

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SABATON ON AIR – our own radio station!

SABATON ON AIR - our own radiostation!

Today we launch our very own radio station in cooperation with Radio Bandit Sweden.
Its something we worked on for quite a while, and we feel really proud of it.

It is a digital radio station which mainly will play Sabaton songs, but also bands who have played or will play at our festival Sabaton Open Air – Rockstad: Falun can be heard there, which ensures that the mix will be just great.

Here you can hear your favourite Sabaton songs 24/7, and also hear us talk about the songs in a way
you never heard before. Both historical and fun facts combined with unknown stories from our tours.

We talk Swedish, but you can listen from anywhere in the world.

Tune in and rock!

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We are so excited for todays announcement since its definitely something special.
For a long time we have had the plans for doing a special and totally unique show in Germany and now that has become a reality.

In July we will organize Sabaton Open Air / Noch Ein Bier Fest, a headline concert where people for sure will get a unique show.

For this concert we have choosen the stunning (and famous from Rock Hard Festival) Amphiteatre in Gelsenkirchen and as support on this show we will bring some bands we know that you fans have requested.
Our touring colleagues in Powerwolf & Korpiklaani as well as our old bandmates in Civil War.

So, there is the Sabaton Open Air / Rockstad:Falun festival in our hometown Falun, there is the Sabaton Cruise on the Baltic Sea and now there is also Sabaton Open Air / Noch Ein Bier Fest in Germany!

Tickets will be out Monday 12:th of January @


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Sabaton – Main act @ Bråvalla 2015.

Over the years we have been given a lot of awards and nominations but very few things can beat the honor of beeing one of the main acts at Swedens largest festival, Bråvalla Festival this upcoming summer.

We look forward to prove that we are Swedens best live act in front of Swedens largest festival audience!

Besides our own festival in our home town Falun, this is the only planned Sweden show for 2015.

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Sabaton Open Air – Rockstad: Falun 2015

Welcome to our hometown Falun and the eight edition of our festival.
We can now announce the dates for our festival next summer.
It will be August 13,14 & 15.

For all of you Sabaton fans who travels from near and far we do not need to introduce our festival any closer. But for anyone else we can just say that this is THE show you shall not miss if you want a very unique Sabaton experience.

Over the years bands like Helloween, Testament, Crimson Glory and D:A:D have done great shows here.
The coming weeks we will start to announce other bands, more details and such.

For now we think that all that was necessary was the date, and the fact that the early bird tickets will be out from 2.00 PM on the 29th of October @

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Sabaton Cruise 2014 – SOLD OUT!

Last night we got the amazing news that the 5:th issue of our own cruise on the Baltic Sea was sold out in just a few hours!
Last year it took only 7 days and the year before it took around 3 weeks, but this years interest for our cruise was way over our expectations!

The staff at Tallink Silja says that this is a new record for them, BIG TIME! This is by far the fastest selling special cruise ever!

For all of you who didn’t get a ticket:
Have a look every day online and / or call Tallink Silja to see if there is cancellations:

– Thank you, and see you aboard!


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Golden award for HEROES!

We are really happy to receive the news that a Golden award have been issued to our latest album Heroes in Sweden.

With Carolus Rex it took until middle of September until it reached gold, and now Heroes has achieved the same status in much shorter time. We are eternally thankful and could not think of any better way to celebrate then to start our Swedish open air tour today.

– Thank you all for supporting us and music in general!

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Delain and Battle Beast to support Sabaton in 2015

We are happy to announce that the support bands on our European tour in 2015 will be Dutch band Delain and Finnish Battle Beast.

We had the pleasure to host Delain at our festival Sabaton Open Air in 2013, and we were not the only ones who was really impressed by their stage presence and amazing music! Delain was nothing less than a huge success.

Battle Beast released one of the best albums of 2013, and it was so great that we decided from Sabaton that we wanted to make a cover of one of their tracks. Out of Control.

Battle Beast were also playing as special guest at the Sabaton Cruise 2013

The dates for this tour are as follows and tickets are out now and available here.


fr, januari 9, 2015




lö, januari 10, 2015




sö, januari 11, 2015




må, januari 12, 2015

United Kingdom


HMV Forum

on, januari 14, 2015




to, januari 15, 2015




fr, januari 16, 2015



MHP Arena

lö, januari 17, 2015



Event Hall

må, januari 19, 2015




sö, januari 25, 2015



Petofi Hall

ti, januari 27, 2015




on, januari 28, 2015



Hall Universiada

fr, januari 30, 2015



Fuzz Live Club

lö, januari 31, 2015



Principal Club Theater

må, februari 2, 2015




ti, februari 3, 2015




on, februari 4, 2015




fr, februari 6, 2015




lö, februari 7, 2015

Czech Republic


Forum Karlin

sö, februari 8, 2015

Czech Republic


Hala Euronics Novesta

ti, februari 10, 2015



Refinery Gallery

on, februari 11, 2015




fr, februari 13, 2015



Lotto Arena

lö, februari 14, 2015



Alsterdorfer Sporthalle

sö, februari 15, 2015




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Carolus Rex @ Dramaten, Stockholm

This summer Sweden’s National Theatre, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, founded in 1788, will premiere a play based on the life of Charles the XII aka Carolus Rex.The show is based upon the grand and tragic tale of Carolus Rex life as the King of Sweden, strategic mastermind, international celebrity and leader of one of earths most fearsome armies.
We are extremely proud that the play will feature the Sabaton songs “Carolus Rex” and “A Lifetime of War” from the Sabaton Album “Carolus Rex”, with vocals and choir performed by the ensemble.

In the words of the director, Nils Poletti; “The Carolus Rex album have been a major inspiration in the process, and the production team are big fans of Sabaton.”
Starting 27th of June with the final performance 1st of August there will be twenty one performances in Riddarholmskyrkan in Stockholm where Carolus Rex lies buried.
Directed by Nils Poletti in collaboration with Markus Granqvist (scenography, lighting design) and Lena Lindgren (costume design).

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Heroes European Tour grows.

Alright folks.
The Heroes tour in Europe grows. Here are the most recent dates for 2014 and some for 2015.
Tickets and more information is available at our toursite:

27 France Lille Aeronef
28 United Kingdom Norwich Waterfront *New date*
29 United Kingdom Brighton Concorde 2 *New date*
30 United Kingdom Plymouth White Rabbit *New date*
2 United Kingdom Reading Sub 89 *New date*
3 United Kingdom Weymouth The Pavillion *New date*
5 Scotland Glasgow QMU *New date*
6 Northern Ireland Belfast Limelight *New date*
7 Ireland Dublin The Academy *New date*
8 United Kingdom Manchester The Ritz *New date*
9 United Kingdom Wolverhampton Slade Rooms *New date*
11 France Toulouse Le Bikini
12 Spain Bilbao Santana 27
13 Spain Madrid La Riviera
14 Portugal Porto Hard Club
16 Spain Valencia Koh Tao Club
17 Spain Barcelona Razzmatazz 2
18 France Lyon Transbordeur
19 Switzerland Lausanne Les Docks *New date*
20 France Strasbourg La Laiterie

12 United Kingdom London HMV Forum *New date*
14 France Paris Bataclan *New date*
15 Switzerland Pratteln Z7 *New date*
6 Austria Vienna Gasometer *New date*

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We are amazed and to be honest a bit shocked to announce that our new album “Heroes” entered the World chart at position nr 9.
That means that Sabaton is currently one of the top 10 best selling artists, in the world!

– Which of the new songs do you want to hear live?

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We are coming back to North America.

The tour we did together with Iced Earth was a great success and now the time is right to follow up that tour.

We will be touring North America together with our Swedish vikings in Amon Amarth.

Here are the tour dates:

Thu/Sep-25 Riverside, CA Riverside Municipal Auditorium AA_NA-USA_FALL-2014_RGB_WEB_72DPI
Fri/Sep-26 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst
Sat/Sep-27 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades
Mon/Sep-29 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
Tue/Sep-30 Seattle, WA El Corazon
Wed/Oct-01 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
Fri/Oct-03 Edmonton, AB Union Hall
Sat/Oct-04 Calgary, AB Flames Central
Sun/Oct-05 Saskatoon, SK Louis’ Pub
Mon/Oct-06 Winnipeg, MB The Garrick
Tue/Oct-07 Thunder Bay, ON Crocks
Fri/Oct-10 Toronto, ON The Sound Academy
Sat/Oct-11 Montreal, QC Metropolis
Sun/Oct-12 Quebec City, QC Imperial
Tue/Oct-14 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
Wed/Oct-15 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
Fri/Oct-17 Albany, NY Upstate Concert Hall
Sat/Oct-18 New York, NY Best Buy Theatre
Sun/Oct-19 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
Tue/Oct-21 Chattanooga, TN Track 29
Wed/Oct-22 Knoxville, TN Bijou Theater
Fri/Oct-24 Charlotte, NC The Fillmore
Sat/Oct-25 Jacksonville, FL Freebird
Sun/Oct-26 Birmingham, AL Iron City
Mon/Oct-27 New Orleans, LA The Civic
Wed/Oct-29 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
Thu/Oct-30 Joliet, IL Mojoes
Fri/Oct-31 Detroit, MI Royal Oak
Sat/Nov-01 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
Sun/Nov-02 Des Moines, IA Wooly’s
Tue/Nov-04 Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theatre
Wed/Nov-05 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
Sat/Nov-08 El Paso, TX Tricky Falls
Sun/Nov-09 Tucson, AZ Club XS

Tickets will be out for sale May 30:th!

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RESIST AND BITE – Single out now!

Hello friends!

Today is the release of the second single from HEROES: “Resist And Bite”, and what could be better than to watch the brand new lyric video? :)

You can order the track digitally here:

iTunes: (instant grat single)
HEROES (incl. digital booklet and bonus track) is out on 16th May -> Pre-order the album now and get the instant grat single “Resist And Bite” now instantly without having to pay extra for that track!

iTunes US:
Amazon MP3:


Last week, we also also launched our very own Smartphone App!
You can find the App by searching for “Sabaton” on Appstore or Google Play, and it’s 100% free!

HEROES” will be out on May 16, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.
You can pre-order your copy at this address:

More from HEROES:

Trailer #1:
Trailer #2:
Trailer #3:


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We can now reveal the first dates of our coming European tour.
The first countries that we will visit is France, Spain and Portugal.
Tickets will be released in 7 days.

2014-11-27 Lille,FR – Aeronef
2014-12-11 Toulouse,FR – Le Bikini
2014-12-12 Bilbao, ES – Santana 27
2014-12-13 Madrid, ES – La Riviera
2014-12-14 Porto,PT – Hard Club
2014-12-16 Valencia,ES – Koh Tao Club
2014-12-17 Barcelona,ES – Razzmatazz 2
2014-12-18 Lyon,FR – Transbordeur
2014-12-20 Strasbourg,FR – La Laiterie

france, spain portugal

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This summer we will set off on a OPEN AIR headline tour in Sweden to follow up our new album ”Heroes”.

It is now confirmed that U.D.O. will take the spot as special guests in the cities of Stenungsund and Varberg, as will D-A-D in Borgholm, Ronneby, Trelleborg, Uppsala, Norrköping and Karlstad.

Support acts for the tour will be Amaranthe in Stenungsund, Varberg, Uppsala, Norrköping, Karlstad and Raubtier in Borgholm, Ronneby and Trelleborg.

31.07 Stenungssund Nösnäsvallen – U.D.O. Amaranthe
02.08 Varberg Fästningshörnan – U.D.O. Amaranthe
07.08 Borgholm Borgholms Slottsruin – D-A-D Raubtier
08.08 Ronneby Brunnsparken – D-A-D Raubtier
09.08 Trelleborg Östervågsstadion – D-A-D Raubtier
16.08 Falun Sabaton Open Air F E S T I V A L
21.08 Uppsala Vaksala Torg – D-A-D Amaranthe
22.08 Norrköping Folkets Park / Borgen – D-A-D Amaranthe
23.08 Karlstad Mariebergsparken – D-A-D Amaranthe

Tickets for the tour cost 460SEK plus a service fee and can be purchased via / +46 771 651 000.
Tickets to SABATON OPEN AIR are sold via


Our new album ”Heroes” will be released on May 16 (May 14 in Sweden).

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Final Artwork(s) and tracklist of Heroes!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 16.27.37

We are happy to present the final tracklist of our new album Heroes.

1 Night Witches
2 No Bullets Fly
3 Smoking Snakes
4 Inmate 4859
5 To Hell And Back
6 The Ballad of Bull
7 Resist And Bite
8 Soldier of 3 Armies
9 Far From The Fame
10 Hearts of Iron

In just a few days the pre-orders will start.