Carolus Rex

Carolus Rex – Swe Lyrics

Music by: Brodén / Kängström Text by: Brodén / Kängström


Ny tid nalkas, denna tid går mot sitt slut
Hela Stockholm se mig krönas, kanoner skjut salut

Ingen ed avlagd, ingen ed jag svär
Kronan kommer ej från kyrkan, den kom direkt ifrån gud

Bevisat min styrka genom strid
Född att regera, att föra krig
Knä om knä
Min tid är här

Över Norden jag härskar
Med det arv som jag fick/gavs
Gång på gång, sjung Carolus sång
Krigets konst jag behärskar
Låt mitt namn sprida skräck
Gång på gång, sjung Carolus sång
Än en gång, sjung Carolus sång

Född att härska, leda mina män i strid
Ingen man kan mig befalla, jag lyder under Gud

Hör min order, ifrågasätt mig ej
Vet att sådan är min vilja, och därvid skall det ske

Sida vid sida uti strid
Med karoliner går jag i krig
Knä om knä
Min tid är här/dö i mitt namn

Allt jag ser, vill ha mer, vem skall stoppa mig?
Hela Europa skall böja sig för min armé
(vad är ditt)/Allting ditt, skall bli mitt, då jag dräper dig (du hindrar mig ej)
Min vilja ske

Historic fact:

Album Info:

Carolus Rex

Carolus Rex is available in 2 languages, English and Swedish.
Recorded & Mixed at Abyss Studios by Peter Tägtgren & Jonas Kjellgren
Produced by Peter Tägtgren
Mastered by Jonas Kjellgren
Released upon Nuclear Blast
Artwork by Jobert Mello / Peter Sallai

Carolus Rex 1682-1718 – T-shirt

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Re-introducing the popular “Carolus Rex 1682-1718” shirt with it’s epic original back print from 2012.

This is a most wanted design based on the artwork from the 2012 Carolus Rex album, that we decided to bring back in stock again, and also making it webshop exclusive, meaning it will not be available on tour.

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Historic fact about Carolus Rex 1682-1718:

Charles XII, also known as Carolus Rex, became King of Sweden on 5th April 1697 at the age of 15, following the death of his father Charles X1.

The Great Northern War broke out in February 1700, as neighbouring countries planned to take back territories that they had lost during the swedish expansion of the 1600s. Sweden was attacked on three fronts: by Peter The Great in Russia, Augustus The Strong in Saxony/Poland and Frederick IV in Denmark

They were all convinced that Sweden, led by an inexperienced teenage King, would be easy prey. However, the young King, by then 18 years of age, quickly lined up several victories.
The quiet but determined King had been brought up to rule as an absolute monarch. Many of his closest officials and high ranking officers found him hard to understand but he was loved by his soldiers. When they attacked, he was often in the first rank.

Charles XII’s bravery, quick wits and unusually good tactical eye made him an outstanding leader in pitched battle. His exceptional ability to infuse courage into his soldiers was another strong contributing factor in the initial triumphs and his army’s high morale in battle.

However, he could also appear harsh and callous. A macho culture predominated in his circles, where showing feelings like grief and pain were out of the question.

The Swedish army’s treatment of both the civilian population and prisoners of war in Poland and Russia was sometimes extremely cruel. With the King’s consent, there were merciless reprisals – including the torture of children – and mass executions.

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