The Hammer Has Fallen

The Hammer Has Fallen – Lyrics

Music by: Brodén / Text by: Sundström


Here I am standing, darkness all around
Thinking of past, taking my last breath
The air is cold as ice
No one close to hear my voice
Did not leave me with a choice
Heaven will you wait for me?

Will I find a way, will I find a place
Will you let me go in peace
Will I find a way to the other side?

Sad are memories from the life I lived
Cannot go on, cannot go further
It has to end right here
For the things that I have done
All the girls I lost and won
Let me rest in peace at last

Will I find a way, will I find a place,
Will you let me go in peace?
Leave behind those dark days
Now I ask again, will you hear my cries?
Then you realize why, oh why
I must find a way to the other side

Hear them whisper calling out my name
The sentence is set, the hammer has fallen
I have paid the price
Sad to realize too late
Death was meant to be my fate
All this pain will follow me

Historic fact:

A young man who is about to commit suicide.

Album Info:

Fist For Fight

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