Sabaton Official Fan Clubs around the world!

In this section we have listed all the Fan Clubs we consider to be Official in each country.

To be an Official Sabaton Fan Club and listed here you have to be active, and do good stuff for your friends in that particular country. Spreading news and helping out with translations, questions etc is some of the most common task a fan club does.

We will not tell you in detail what to do, or ask for any stupid favours.
All we want is that fans who wants to connect to a Fan Club gets the information they need, and gets a good feeling they belong to a group of likeminded.

And maybe get together sometimes and have a really good time!
That’s up to you. :)

Official Sabaton Fan Clubs

Want to know more and get some help setting up a new Fan Club?

Please make contact with the German or the Polish Fan Club.
They have been around for long, and can tell you more about how they work.