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Sabaton Open Air – FAQ

Ticket related

Where can i get a ticket?
– The official festival ticket for Sabaton Open Air is to be found here.

I saw tickets for sale, and it was not from you or Tickster. Can i trust it
– No, that ticket. No matter where you saw it, will not be valid for our festival.
Always buy tickets from us / Tickster. Easiest way to find out if a ticket is valid is to buy it from here.

How many V.I.P tickets is available?
– We have a limited 200 V.I.P tickets for each year.
They are now sold out for the 2017 issue, and there will not be any more available.

Do i need a special ticket for the tent camping area?
– Yes, you need a ticket marked “+ camp” to access the festival tent camping area. This applies for each end everyone staying on this camp area.

Where do i book space for my trailer / Caravan?
– Call Lugnets Camping: +46 23-654 00
They take care of all camping areas for trailers & caravans.

Can i buy tickets on location?
– Yes, if they are not sold out.
They will be a bit more expensive on location too.

I cannot go, and have a ticket to sell. Do you buy them back?
– No, but you can sell it yourself. Safely!
Go to and see how it works.
(This only works with tickets purchased with a Swedish debit / credit card)

My name is not correct on my ticket. Will it be a problem?
– No. The name on the ticket is not important at all.
The bar code and the QR code is the only unique and important thing.

I am disabled and need to bring an assistant. Will they need a ticket?
– No, and yes. We allow one assistant in for free.
If you need more than one assistant, they need a ticket just like you.

I am disabled. Will i need a special ticket?
– Actually not.
We are how ever selling special tickets for disabled. Just to make sure the disabled guests that needs space on our ramps and access to HCP-toilets really get’s it.

Children & Age limits

There is NO AGE LIMIT at Sabaton Open Air!

But we strongly recommend any child below 17 to bring at least one rocking adult.

There are also some additional rules and recommendations to be aware of:

In the area were alcohol is served, there is a strict 18 years limit. And this also applies to the V.I.P-area!  And by strict 18 year old limit means that not even a parent can bring their kid inside a bar area.

All kids up to 13 years old can access the festival area with a heavily discounted ticket. The 4-Day KIDS tickets.

All income on this ticket, including the service fee, will be sent to the foundation “Min Stora Dag”!

If the kid is 14 years or older, a regular festival ticket is needed.

All kids should wear proper hearing protection. If you don’t have such gear, it can be purchased on location from us.

If our crew see any kids in front of the stages without hearing protection, they will kindly make sure the kids are being escorted away from the loud speakers, and / or provided with ear plugs.

Kids below 3 years old should never visit the area in front of the stages!

Please note that the Pre-Party on Wednesday is located in the bar area where there is a strict 18 years limit.

– This info is only for your child’s protection, please respect this!

Last, but not least:

We are also sure that every parent that brings an under aged kid to Sabaton Open Air, or any other larger event, never leaves their kid unattended, at any time. And that no alcohol or other drugs is consumed while spending quality time with the kid on one of the best days in his or her life.


We love kids @ Sabaton Open Air. And this year we have a brand new project that we have dreamt of for years.
– A dedicated area for the youngest rockers on our festival.
This is a safe and comfortable place where they can get a hot dog in the water bar, play some cool games, participate in activities along with the crew from our partners Må Bättre, Lystra Personlig Assistans and of course our main partner in this project: Falu Energi & Vatten.
A place to rest and feel good instead of getting tired next to their parents watching all bands playing. :)
(Sober adults are of course allowed to hang here too if they are in company with their kids.)
Last, but not least..
Christian & Daniel from TWILIGHT FORCE will drop by and play some instruments and talk music / touring along with the kids.
They will do 3 sessions as follows:
Thursday 19:00
Friday 18:00
Saturday 17:00
This area will of course be accessed with wheel chairs!

What is forbidden to bring?

– Please see the checklist in the bottom of this page…

Basic rule is that all things forbidden by Swedish law are forbidden to bring to both the festival area and the camping areas. Illegal drugs and weapons are two very good examples of forbidden things.

Glass bottles!

No “larger” glass containers, such as beer bottles etc is allowed.
Smaller glass items such as perfume bottles, make-up mirrors etc is allowed.

Why do we forbid this? – Easy!

In grass or on gravel, pieces of glass can be very hard to find when we clean up.

And a pice of glass can be very dangerous to fall on. All of you have cut your self on glass sometimes, and you know how stupid that feels with all that blood all over you?

– Did you know that one little pice from a smashed glass bottle can kill large wild animals like elks and deers if they eat pieces of it?

Party tents!

We are not allowing any kind of party tents on our camp areas. We simply will not have room for them.

Also the fire department hates them. And if they hates an item, they will regulate things even harder in the future.

– We all look for a shining bright future, right?


Many thinks this is just silly to forbid.

But imagine what happens if even a small amount of rain will fall and a couple of hundred umbrellas will be in your sight when watching your favourite band? You would hate those umbrellas, right?

And an umbrella in a crowded place is also a subject for severe eye damage.

Thats why umbrellas are forbidden. And a little rain will not kill a metalhead. ;)


If you need to bring your medicine. Feel free to do so. – Of course!

But please make sure to bring any kind of document showing what it is, and keep it in it’s original packaging.

This way our security crew can see that it really is medicine, and not any illegal drugs.

If you are still unsure, please ask the crew in the entrance to advice.


– Yes. Bring your camera. And all your lenses. No problem.

If there will be any restrictions, it will be from a band playing, and it will be informed on location.

But that have never happened before at Sabaton Open Air, and will probably not happen this year either.

And no pets!

Please leave your dog, cat, bird or alligator at home. They are not allowed anywhere at Sabaton Open Air.  In fact, they don’t even like Heavy Metal music. – Did you know that? ;)

Also, if our security crew thinks an item is not relevant / stupid / dangerous to bring, it will not be allowed. A large sofa, bulldozer, chain saw, etc is good examples. Everything is about your own and your friends security / well -being  and the enviroment!

Check list camping area.


• All things forbidden by Swedish law. (Knifes, weapons, drugs etc)

• Glass containers (Smaller glass items such as perfume bottles, make-up mirrors etc is allowed)

• Party tents

• Furniture (Sofas, tables etc)

• Larger batteries (Car batteries is a good example)

• Power generators

• Flag poles

Check list festival area.


• All things forbidden by Swedish law. (Knifes, weapons, drugs etc)

• Glass containers (Smaller glass items such as perfume bottles, make-up mirrors etc is allowed)

• Fluids (Empty P.E.T bottle is okey)

• Chairs (Unless there is a medical reason)

• Umberellas (no matter size)

• Food (A fruit or some candy is not food. There might be medical reasons for someone to bring food. If so talk to your supervisor)

• Rods/Flagpoles (The flag itself is okey)

Supervisor in position will decide if you are unsure.
Don´t hesitate to ask!

Food & Drinks?

Food & Drinks – Festival area.

Every year we have at least 10 different dishes to offer. And always something for vegetarians / vegans + low lactose and other allergy friendly alternatives.

Right now it’s too early to present the full 2017 menu, but it will be tasty, thats a promise! :)

On the festival area there will be only non-alcoholic drinks due to Swedish law and local government restrictions.

A list of dishes will be presented here later during the spring.

Food & Drinks – Bar & V.I.P area.

In the bar area(s) will alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages be served.

A variety of beer, ciders, wine and drinks will be available.   (The V.I.P area will have a more complete / complexed / interesting assortment.)

In the bar areas there is a strict 18 years limit.

Our own restaurant!

You are allowed to bring food from the festival area and consume it in the bar areas, but you are not allowed to bring out alcohol or other drinks.

Great food from our dear friend and master chef Görgen Tidén, who is well known in Sweden for his fine dining menus, will be served.

This special restaurant located on the hill near the bar area (Yes, you can access it from outside the bar area too) will offer a menu of high quality food with only locally produced ingredients.

– Give it a try, you will like it!

Görgen’s full menu will be presented here later during the spring, but already now we know that he will bring the same dishes as last year, with a little twist.

Also he will serve a bit larger portions. Just as many of you wanted on the 2016 festival.

Other questions

When will the camping area open and close?
– It opens Wednesday 12.00, and closes Sunday 12.00

Can i fill my water bottle on the festival area?
– Yes. That works fine. Just bring an empty plastic bottle, with no hat on.

Can i bring my DSLR camera?
– Yes. Bring your camera. And all your lenses. No problem.
If there will be any restrictions, it will be from a band playing, and it will be informed on location.

But that have never happened before at Sabaton Open Air, and will probably not happen this year either.

Is there an ATM machine near, or at the festival area?
– No. There is no such service. Not on the festival area, and not in the Lugnet sports facility. Nearest place is down town Falun.

Is it cash only at Sabaton Open Air?
– No. We prefer card payments and everywhere on location debit cards (Visa & Mastercard) will be accepted.

If you still want to bring and use cash, please only bring Swedish Krona (SEK).

Who will do signing sessions on the festival?
– That will be presented later this spring.

Why is there an age restriction in the bar areas?
– Due to Swedish laws and local government restrictions, we need to have an 18 year old age restriction in the bar areas. V.I.P included.

Why can’t i bring my beer in front of the stages?
– Due to Swedish laws and local government restrictions, we need to have a closed bar area.

I’m not from Sweden. How much will a meal + a beer cost?
– You should always be able to find a good meal for 100SEK (Approx €10) and a beer for 60SEK (Approx €6) at Sabaton Open Air.

Can i bring my own food and drinks?
– Yes, on the camp site. Not on the festival area.

I want to meet the band xxxxxx on Sabaton Open Air.
– If they will do a signing session, there will be a perfect opportunity.
Otherwise we cannot help you fulfil this wish.

I want to work for Sabaton Open Air!
– We love you 2! :)
Here you can find all info needed.

Car parking?
– Around the venue is plenty of parking spaces. The big one just outside the entrance is controlled by us.

Earlier years we had pre-sale on that one. Not this year. We will take care of this on location instead.

Can i cook food on the camp site?
– No open fire is allowed on the camp site.
There will be a space outside where you can grill / heat up food using smaller camping equipment.

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