Men’s / Unisex:

S – Length 71cm – Width 45cm
M – Length 73,5cm – Width 51cm
L – Length 76cm – Width 56cm
XL – Length 78,5cm – Width 61cm
XXL – Length 81cm – Width 66cm
3XL – Length 83,5cm – Width 71cm


S – Length 67cm – Width 51cm
M – Length 69,5cm – Width 56cm
L – Length 73,5cm – Width 61cm
XL – Length 77cm – Width 63,5cm
XXL – Length 80cm – Width 68,5cm
3XL – Length 83cm – Width 73,5cm


S – Length 64cm – Width 40,5cm
M – Length 66,5cm – Width 43cm
L – Length 69cm – Width 47cm
XL – Length 71,5cm – Width 50cm
XXL – Length 74cm – Width 56cm

Width measure should be made right under the arms on a shirt you already own.
Put it flat on a table and measure from side to side.

Length measure should be made on the back side of the shirt.
Put it flat on a table and measure from shoulder and down.

Please note that sizes can vary up to 2 cm!

All shirts, except US prints, are in European regular sizes.
(US prints are one size bigger in general.)