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Sabaton to headline Sabaton Open Air 2017!


No big surprise maybe, but it would be rude and strange not to announce ourself as confirmed headliner for our own festival back home in Falun, Sweden 2017.

We always do a special show @ Sabaton Open Air, and this time it will be something worthy a 10:th anniversary.. More details later. :)

-See you in Falun, in August 2017!

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Heroes On Tour – Out in stores now!

Heroes on tour - Out now in stores!

Our brand-new live 2Blu-ray+CD/2DVD+CD package entitled “Heroes On Tour“, is out now. It contains two entire shows, one filmed at Wacken 2015 and the other at Sabaton Open Air in our hometown of Falun in the same year.

Bonus features include two switchable viewing angles, live and studio.

Order “Heroes On Tour” in various formats here!

Watch the”Heroes On Tour” preview clips here:

Resist And Bite‘ [Wacken] Official Live Video:
Carolus Rex‘ [Falun] Official Live Video:
Swedish Pagans‘ [Wacken] Official Live Video:

“Heroes On Tour” – Tracklists:

DVD/Blu-ray1 – Live @ Wacken Open Air 2015

01. Final Countdown
02. The March To War
03. Ghost Division
04. To Hell And Back
05. Carolus Rex
06. No Bullets Fly
07. Resist And Bite
08. Far From The Fame
09. Panzerkampf
10. Gott Mit Uns
11. The Art Of War
12. Soldier Of 3 Armies
13. Swedish Pagans
14. Screaming Eagles
15. Night Witches
16. Primo Victoria
17. Metal Crüe

Bonus Material

– Noch ein Bier
– SABATON With Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague
01. The Art Of War
02. The Final Solution

DVD/Blu-ray2 – Live @ Sabaton Open Air 2015

01. Final Countdown
02. The March To War
03. Ghost Division
04. To Hell And Back
05. Carolus Rex
06. Panzer Battalion
07. Wolfpack
08. Attero Dominatus
09. 7734
10. Union
11. The Art Of War
12. Saboteurs
13. Coat Of Arms
14. En Livstid I Krig
15. Resist And Bite
16. Swedish Pagans
17. Night Witches
18. Primo Victoria
19. Metal Crüe

CD – Live @ Wacken Open Air 2015

01. The March To War
02. Ghost Division
03. To Hell And Back
04. Carolus Rex
05. No Bullets Fly
06. Resist And Bite
07. Far From The Fame
08. Panzerkampf
09. Gott Mit Uns
10. The Art Of War
11. Soldier Of 3 Armies
12. Swedish Pagans
13. Screaming Eagles
14. Night Witches
15. Primo Victoria
16. Metal Crüe

SABATON Heroes On Tour« live DVD/CD package on March 4th, 2016

For the iTunes, AmazonMP3, GooglePlay download, as well as MP3 or FLAC download visit:

Stream on Spotify or Deezer

Sabaton Heroes on tour earbook cd compilation
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Unique merchandise from our past tours

unique designed merchandise by Sabaton

Looking for an special designed tour shirt?

We often manufacture unique items for our tours, and not only the tour shirt with all dates on the backside. We often make t-shirts for one show only with the date and some more info printed on the backside just to make it a bit more exclusive and more valuable memorabilia than a regular shirt.

Some unique examples:

  • Sabaton Soldier Tourshirt

    Soldier Tourshirt

    Sale! 26.95 21.95 inc. Vat
    Select options
  • Sabaton Sofia 2015 T-shirt

    Sofia 2015

    Sale! 31.95 24.95 inc. Vat
    Select options
  • Sabaton Open Air 2015 - Eagle T-shirt

    Sabaton Open Air 2015 – Eagle

    Sale! 27.95 21.95 inc. Vat
    Select options
  1. The Soldier Tourshirt from the 2015 HEROES tour. One of 2 available designs with all tour dates printed on the back side. The other design is called: “Monument Tourshirt” and has also a few items still in stock.
  2. The special designed shirt from the Sofia show in 2015 with a front side featuring the artwork from the HEROES album and also the Bulgarian flag. On the back side the date and city is printed in Bulgarian.
  3. The t-shirt from the 2015 issue of our own festival: Sabaton Open Air in our hometown Falun, Sweden. This is one of 2 designs that was available during and after the event. And this is the only one left in stock right now.

Do we re-print these items?

All items specially designed for tours, festivals or shows are never ever re-printed again. That’s why a design can be available in only a few different sizes, and never re-stocked again.

If we would re-print theses items, they would not be unique and special any more, and the purpose of printing them in the first place would be totally lost!

If you find a shirt you would like, but can’t find it in your size, we are very sorry to say that there is nothing we can do to help you. It’s sold out, for ever.