24 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winners

24 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winners

Happy new year friends!

You can find below the winners of all giveaway competitions that took place during our 24 Days of Christmas.

All winners have been contacted via email already. Please check your spam folders as we are still waiting for some replies regarding some prizes that have not been claimed yet.

Thank you again for the enormous participation!

Christmas Cards (10 winners)

Jonathan A
Sebastian H
Oscar B
Marta S
Brad P
Emiliano O
Mattia P
Kacper F
Nick W
Andrianova A

Sabaton Open Air 2021 Tickets (3 winners)

Boglarka R
Tiffany L

Amazon Music 1-Year Subscription Codes (6 winners)

Edgar T
Franziska L
Matthias H
Corey O
Marc L
Wendy B

Video Call with Hannes

Emma J

Signed Drum Skin

Arne M

Razer Googie Bags (3 winners)

Luigi B
Larisa V
Tymoteusz B

Amazon Echo (3 winners)

Corentin D
Yazbek D
Crystal A

Nuclear Blast Goodie Bags (5 winners)

Nic B
Florian S
Honza S
Keviner 9
Kaleb M