Sabaton Rhyme Competition – Winner Announcement

Sabaton Rhyme Competition Winner Announcement

Julia K was the winner of the #SabatonRhyme competition which took place on our social media channels in Deccembr 2020. You can read her winning entry below.

Hannes has already sent her the prize: A personalized video message!

We received tons of impressive entries, and it was difficult to decide, but this one really stood out. We hope you like it as much as we do!

´Come gather ´round children, let me tell you a tale,
about a group of men, of the highest scale‘
´But Santa´ they said whilst gathering around
´Are there larger scale men than Sabaton, to be found?´
´What a good question child´ Santa answered and smiled
´And if ever there were, I’m sure that would be filed ‘
´Tell us Santa, while we enjoy some knäck,
of the men who wrote To hell and back´
´To them I paid a visit, just last night,
Humbug! they yelled! And prepared for a fight!
I told them not to worry, and to switch off the tank,
because I was not there to give them a military rank´
´State your business, Santa!´ the front man yelled,
the one called Joakim, with his mic highly held.
´I am here to lift your spirit´ I said with a ho
´And remind you that soon, on tour you must go´
´But Santa´ one said, with hair golden as the sun,
´The pandemic has taken all of our fun!´
´The fun will return, my Majestican friend,
or over my knee, the world I shall bend´
´But Santa´ another said, with his bass held tight
´How will it happen, while surrounded by this blight?´
´The blight will fade´ I said and patted his cheek
But another was there, waiting to speak.
´But Santa´ he said from the top of the tank,
behind the cymbals I saw him on the bank.
´The restrictions are still in place, what options are there?´
´The options are there, and will expand if we do our share´
´How will this lift our spirits?´ the last one asked with a tear
as he tossed his brown hair, and sipped on his beer
´I will tell you how, my friends,
so grab your pens.
A new start is coming, stay strong you must,
even if this year has been a total bust.
With each passing day we draw closer to our wish,
to have live concerts served on a silver dish.
I promise to lift your spirits, but one promise you must make,
to bring it your all the next time, so your bodies ache´
´We can make this promise Santa, we will make that sound,
but what makes you think, it will happen this time around?´
´This time around, with a vaccine we start,
so soon, from your fans you won’t have to be apart.
So head into the New Year, with a positive thought,
and just think of how hard we have fought´
´We will fight on Santa!´ they all shouted out,
and as Santa left, their minds had no doubt.