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Music video for Kingdom Come

Remember our visit at Warhorse Studios in Prague last spring?

Their video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance has now been released and we congratulate them to many #1’s in many countries! They seemed to remember our visit as well, and we now finally have a really cool video for our version of ”Kingdom Come” by Manowar.

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The Last Heroes returns to Sabaton Open Air!

The Last Heroes Returns to Sabaton Open Air!

The last band to complete the 2018 line-up is The Last Heroes who will be the first band out on Wednesday’s pre-party!

Read their statement below:

After a triumphant world tour of Falun, the Heroes have made the executive royal decision to once again, with might and irresistible strength return to the battle grounds of Dalarna!

We will be there, to fight along side our brothers and sisters of true metal to once and for all put an end to false metal

Don’t miss this opportunity to fullfill your dreams, scream as loud as you can and be a part of something bigger! 

As the saying goes: 60% of the time, true metal wins all of the times! 

Real steel! 

Real music! 

Fight, kill and die! 

For the metal!

Yours truly/ The Last Heroes

– See you in the bar area Wednesday @ 18.30

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ReinXeed to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

ReinXeed to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

After 5 years of almost complete silence, the symphonic power metallers ReinXeed is back!

They released 6 albums in 6 years starting with ’The Light’ back in 2008 to ’A New World’ in 2013 , then they went undercover.

ReinXeed is where Tommy Johansson, current guitarist in Sabaton, started his metal journey!

For 5 years they might have been quiet for the public, but not in the studio. Hard work with new music has been going on, which is by far their best and most well produced to this date!

Today ReinXeed is Tommy Johansson (Guitar, Vocals), Alex Oriz (Guitar), Chris David (Bass) and with them on drums for Sabaton Open Air they will bring their good friend Daniel Sjögren from Twilight Force.

This marks the comeback of ReinXeed and their first gig in 5 years, they promise a hell of a show!

The Alliance will rise again!

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Prudence to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

From the dark woods of Småland county, on the east coast of Sweden, rises Prudence – a melodic hard rock-/heavy metal-band influenced by both the 70’s rock and more modern acts. The music smells a mixture between old school bands like Black Sabbath and Graveyard combined with the heavy metal elements of Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P and Dio. With aggresive, hard-hitting lyricism, facing both the world of today and historical events we offer a wide range of storytelling.

Prudence’s debut-EP “Anarchy in Heaven” was released during may 2016 and has been followed by gigs all over Sweden, in Stockholm, Gothenburg etc. The first live recording was done during the first live performance ever, back on the local pub in early 2016, and can be found on Youtube.

Formed in 2015 by the guitarist Hannes Gustavsson, the bass player Andreas Frodig and drummer Jonathan Albertsson Prudence started writing the very first songs. In a tiny basement the first song that was written became “Outbreak” and ended up on the “Anarchy in Heaven” EP, sealing the vision the three had with the band.

Not long after the start-up the guitarist Erik Waldemarson was recruited for the band and the rest of the songs for the EP started taking shape. After auditions with many different singers the band finally found Anton Johansson, about the same time the EP was completely composed – so he more or less learned the songs while recording the vocals in the studio, and took the songs to a whole new level with his raw, yet stable voice.

In Twisting Serpent Studios Lars Broddesson mixed and mastered the EP, and the live-clips aswell. Following the studio adventures the band went out playing gigs with for example Strÿkenine and Mad Man’s Choice.
The newest single “Straight from the Gutter” took the band in a more aggressive and heavier direction. It’s an anthem about standing up for yourself without taking shit in a world of corrupt authorities, greedy leaders and religious bullshit.

During 2017 Prudence have played festivals such as Mörkaste Småland and opened up for Raubtier but also been a lot in the studio since a new record is taking shape.

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V to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

V’s history reaches back to the ’90s, when the band’s original personnel (two of whom had formed the hardcore band Amend in 1994) were amalgamating a blend of hardcore, death, and thrash metal. An EP named VI was recorded in 2006 (but just released last year), and then the band went on a hiatus for a decade, emerging again now with Pathogenisis.

And with the passage of so many years, V’s sound and conceptual focus has changed, the music becoming heavier and more freighted with doom, their world-view transitioning into visions of a nihilistic future and “a world crumbling to its knees”

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Brothers Of Metal to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Some call them the greatest metal band ever. Even though they met both fame and fortune they still stayed modest. They never called themselves the greatest or the best, the most cunning. Because deep inside they know they are all that and more.

On an immensely cold winters night in 2012, a group of warriors sat down at the local inn after a hard day of plundering. Bored as hell they began to drink an epic amount of mead. All of a sudden one of the warriors picked up a strange device he had looted from a priest earlier that day. It was an electric lute. He started to play and it sounded awesome, so all the other warriors joined in by swinging and smashing their hammers upon the tables and screaming extremly loud.

Instantly they knew this was a sound to be reckoned with. And on to this day the sound from that faithfull night at the local inn still echoes around the world.

And you might wonder, who were those fierce warriors?

They are a force so brutal and strong they could lay waste to the world and everything in it!


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Baruk Khazad to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Baruk Khazad was founded in 2009 in Luleå, Sweden and has since the start attracted a loyal crowd with their sound and lyrical themes. They draw influences from bands such as: Amon Amarth, Svartsot, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Sabaton, Bathory, Raubtier, Ensiferum, Turisas. In 2016 they recorded the EP “Axes, Beards and Mead” with tales of sea faring, elf slaughter and drunken brawling. Axes, Beards and Mead was released online.

Baruk Khazâd translates as “Axe of the dwarves” and is one of very few Dwarf Metal bands in the world.
Their type of metal is meant for and is about dwarves even though it’s not played by dwarves.

The band delivers heavy hitting axe wielding dwarf metal anthems accompanied by the smell of mead and big beards.
With epic tales of war, marches, drunken shenanigans and monster slaying, backed by pounding drums and heavy minor harmonies Baruk Khazâd leaves no audience beardless and no elves alive.

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Chainwreck to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Chainwreck has been around since 2003 and are therefore a beast in the know how to bear the burden of heavy rock. A quartet hailing from Falun, Sweden, with the release of two albums and a couple of EP:s up to this date. After a few years of inactivity – a result of family life and other musical endeavours – Chainwreck is back with a vengeance.

A very intense, immensely heavy live act fronting a massive wall of sound. Alternately upbeat, midtempo and slow. But with no intention on ever compromising the heaviness. All music published is available through Spotify, Youtube as well as on cd.

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Civil War to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Civil War To Sabaton Open Air 2018!

This is a band that probably don’t need much of a presentation at our festival.

Everything started when four members left Sabaton 2012 and formed a new band.

Civil War was born and releases their debut EP in October 2012. The song ”Rome is Falling” instantly turned into a radio hit and the band toured all over Europe and played at some of Europes finest and biggest festivals.

The rest is history…

We had Civil War back in 2015 and now it’s time to welcome them back to Lugnet, Falun again!

Get Your Sabaton Open Air tickets here!

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H.E.A.T to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

H.E.A.T to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

H.E.A.T is a Swedish hard rock group that was formed in Upplands Väsby in 2007, when the prior bands Dream and Trading Fate merged. Headed by frontman Erik Grönwall, the band’s heavy sound is strongly influenced by past melodic rock groups such as Whitesnake, with H.E.A.T having supported musical acts such as Scorpions.

Between autumn 2015 to summer 2017 the group focused entirely on writing and recording songs. Their latest album, Into the Great Unknown, was released in September 2017 via earMUSIC.

Dave Ling from Classic Rock Magazine published the following quote in his review of Into the Great Unknown; ”H.e.a.t. have just made the most complete album of their career. Watch their rise continue.”

We had H.E.A.T in Falun for the second festival back in 2009 and have felt for many years that they really should return. And finally we were able to welcome them back for the 2018 issue!


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TROLLFEST to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

TROLLFEST to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

The first band out on our regular festival stages for 2018 will be the Helluva great Norwegian folk metal band TrollfesT who will excite you all with their unique sound and legendary live show!

TrollfesT present themselves as Helluva great entertainers with a Helluva lot of humour and play on words, which you may get, provided you are fluent in Trollspråk, which is a mixture of Norwegian and German and oddly enough have a sense of humor yourself.

“Helluva” is their seventh studio album and it was released in early 2017.

Tickets & more Sabaton Open Air info here!

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man.machine.industry to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

man.machine.industry to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY is the solo project of producer J. “J.B” Bergman who has a history as the drummer in SLAPDASH (Nuclear Blast/MNW) and ROSICRUCIAN (Black Marc Prod).

After playing Sweden Rock Festival in 2009 MMI signed a deal with GMR Music and released their second album “White Trash Devil In a Jesus Christ Pose” in 2010. The album got great response and the band went on the road playing with bands such as Dr: Midnight & The Mercy Cult, Sonic Syndicate, Deathstars, Corroded, Raubtier, Engel, Sparzanza among others.The band also climbed as high as number ONE on the My Space top chart of Swedish bands and held the position for one week and held top 50 for a whole month.

In April 2012 J.B and his machine released the critically acclaimed album “Lean Back, Relax and Watch The World Burn” getting the best response possible by both fans and media world wide. When 2012 was over the album came at 7:th place on rock journalist Erik Sandberg´s chart in his “Best of 2012 chart” in Sweden’s second bigest rock magazine Close-Up Magazine. The radio show Klasycy Rocka in Poland rated MMI one of the best albums that year along with Green Day and Colplay and others.

The album also claimed 5:th place on (over 60 000 followers) at review writer Sven Möréns top chart of the year. An offer to open up for Devin Townsend Project and Fear Factory was made by Live Nation but was sadly missed due to unforeseen circumstances . But other offers was made reality such as Sabaton Open Air, co-headlining at Rockbitch Boat (40h metal cruise) and in 2014 a support tour of five weeks through sold out houses in Sweden with Raubtier which was a total success.

… and now they are back in Falun for the 2018 issue of the festival!

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THE DARKNESS to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

The Darkness are an English rock band from Lowestoft, Suffolk, formed in 2000. The band consists of Justin Hawkins (lead vocals, guitar), his brother Dan Hawkins (guitar, backing vocals), Frankie Poullain (bass, backing vocals) and Rufus Tiger Taylor (drums).

The Darkness came to prominence with the release of their debut album, Permission to Land, in 2003. Backed by the singles “I Believe in a Thing Called Love“, “Growing on Me“, “Get Your Hands off My Woman“, and “Love is Only a Feeling“, the album was certified quadruple platinum in the United Kingdom, with sales of over 1,300,000.[2] In 2004 the band won three Brit Awards: Best British Group, Best British Rock Act, and Best British Album.

After extensive touring in support of their debut album, Poullain left the band in 2005, and was replaced by former guitar technician Richie Edwards. The band’s second studio album, One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back, was released in November 2005. The following year, Justin Hawkins departed from the band. As a result, the remaining members formed Stone Gods, and continued to perform and record without Hawkins, who subsequently fronted his own project, Hot Leg.

On 15 March 2011, The Darkness announced reunion shows, with original bassist Frankie Poullain, including Download Festival 2011, and the Isle of Wight Festival 2012. Their third album, Hot Cakes, was released on 20 August 2012. Ed Graham has since left the band, feeling the strain of touring was affecting his personal life, in which he had pressing issues. In 2015 a fourth studio album was announced, entitled Last of Our Kind, which was released on 2 June 2015.

Then, in 2017, the band announced a fifth album was in the works—Pinewood Smile was released on 6 October 2017.

It’s with great pleasure we welcome The Darkness to Falun & Sabaton Open Air 2018!

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BLAZE BAYLEY to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

BLAZE BAYLEY to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

BLAZE BAYLEY is a singer/songwriter born 29th May 1963 in Birmingham, England. Having started his professional music career in WOLFSBANE in 1984, his career elevated to global heights when he joined IRON MAIDEN with whom he released two albums and toured worldwide between 1994 and 1999.

After leaving Iron Maiden, BLAZE BAYLEY embarked on a solo career and in March 2018 will release his 10th album, alongside a truly enviable reputation as one of the hardest working artists currently touring worldwide.

The past 3-4 years has been an exciting period in Blaze’s career, with a real sense of purpose, increased sales and media attention, not least with the recent front cover of Powerplay magazine (November 2017 issue), together with a 3 page tour report from North America. Blaze received further recognition when voted by fans as the 67th best singer of all time in Sweden Rock magazine, whilst a guest performance with Disturbed at the UK’s premiere music festival Download was another highlight.
Blaze’s current release schedule is based on his ‘Infinite Entanglement’ trilogy of albums, following a sci-fi story and concept. Part I ‘Infinite Entanglement’ was released in March 2016, Part II ‘Endure and Survive’ in March 2017 and Part III ‘The Redemption of William Black’ is set for March 2018.

Whilst Classic Rock magazine, Powerplay and more, have provided special features and interviews, the reviews have also been unanimous in hailing ‘Infinite Entanglement’ as a triumph. For example….

Wonderful moments, great beating brilliance, Maiden riffs, solos that blast off into space, pushy pieces, sing-along chorusesPowerplay

For writing, recording and touring worldwide, Blaze is flanked by three musicians from British metal band ABSOLVA – Chris Appleton on guitar, Martin McNee on drums and Karl Schramm on bass, welcomed by the unwavering support of the die-hard fans, also registering with a new younger audience, as well as helping to alert the Maiden fanbase to Blaze’s music.

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NOCTURNAL RITES to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

NOCTURNAL RITES to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

There are bands which are badly missed once they disappear from the scene.
One of those examples are Swedish melodic metal masters NOCTURNAL RITES who released their latest album ‘The 8th Sin’ in 2007 and afterwards slowly slipped into a hiatus kind of situation.

The announcement of new NOCTURNAL RITES music was embraced by fans worldwide, and the first single “Before We Waste Away” (released in late June 2017) was received with huge praise and excitement.

The last time we had Nocturnal Rites in Falun was back in 2012, the same year that Chris Rörland left them to join Sabaton.

Now they are back, power injected by their new guitarist Per Nilsson, and of course their 2017 full forced album “Phoenix”!

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STORMBURST to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

STORMBURST to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Stormburst was formed in the summer of 2014 when bass player Kent Jansson, wanted to form a band with the intention of writing and performing original songs. The guitarist Thomas Hansson was asked to join and within a year the lineup was complete with singer Lars-Åke Nilsson and Keyboardist Peter Östling and later also joined drummer Peter Ytterberg.

The music can best be described as Melodic Hardrock/AOR with influences of western parts of Sweden.

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TÝR to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

TÝR to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Profession of the Christian Faith or Decapitation: This was the choice given by Sigmundur to his Faroese Viking compatriot Tróndur í Gøtu. And so it was that in 999 A.D., the Christianization of the small “Faeroe Islands” began, casting a veil of oblivion over the ancient Scandinavian gods and only leaving the relics of forgotten heathenry buried deep within the Christian ritual. Or so it was believed…

Exactly 999 years later, a small group fondly remembering the archaic gods and rites came together to form the Faroese Viking metal band, TÝR. The one-armed God of War —the bravest of all— became the eponym of the Nordic quartet. Yet TÝR mastermind Heri

Joensen is no war monger in disguise and points out that TÝR (also known as the God of Justice) is also revered for first seeking the avenues of diplomacy—an attribute that does not take away from this god of war’s drive.

A distinctive trademark that sets TÝR apart from most other bands of the Viking metal genre is the authenticity of their music: “Traditional music dating back to the Vikings, that is not preserved anywhere else in the world, not even in Iceland, is passed on in an oral tradition here and it is still alive and well. That is what we build our music on and draw great inspiration from,” explains Joensen.

Almost every song is based on Faroese or Norwegian lore, and is riveted in the garb of the folk metal genre. Its approach unmistakably creates very true Viking metal. Following the release of a demo, the Ólavur Riddararos single, full-length How Far to Asgard, six years of innumerable gigs, and several domestic television appearances, TÝR’s second full-length Eric the Red became the Islands’ best selling album, coming to the attention of Napalm Records, the label that finally made the album available worldwide in 2006.

Immediately, the unique approach of TÝR´s music, melting traditional Nordic songs and dances with Celtic influences, doom, heavy, and progressive metal found fans around the globe. “Hail to The Hammer” became the hymn to the new generation of folk, pagan, and Viking metal fans.

In late 2006, TÝR refined their trademark sound with Ragnarok. Technically brilliant and 100 percent authentic, Ragnarok was nothing less than a masterpiece within the true Viking metal genre. The Faroese band embarked on a European tour with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and a few months later with AMON AMARTH. Though musically different, TÝR gained legions of new fans, impressed by the four men on stage, who were able to turn every show into a demonstration of musical prowess.

Festival appearances throughout Europe and continued touring followed until TÝR enjoyed their biggest live triumph ever at the very over-crowded Wet Stage in Wacken. Land was released in 2008 and proved to be yet another milestone in the band’s career. Traditional Faroese lyrics marked tracks such as “Gátu Ríma,” “Fípan Fagra” and “Lokka Táttur,” and “Gandkvæði Tróndar,” which is a poem by J.H.O. Djurhuus about the Faroese chieftain Tróndur, who fought against the dying of the old beliefs and for the independence of the Faeroes. A video clip was produced to the fan favorite “Sinklars Vísa.” Land received overwhelming positive feedback and a new audience was able to experience the power of TÝR for the first time.

Following the release of Land, TÝR embarked on numerous tours through Europe. One of the highlights was without a doubt the Aaskereia Festival tour with then label-mates Alestorm and Hollenthon. Thanks to their efforts, the band reached many new fans with their memorable concerts. 2008 ended with TÝR being nominated as “Band of the Year” by the Faroese National TV and radio. However, the band had no time to rest on its laurels and embarked on yet another tour through North America in the spring of 2009.

Despite their busy touring schedule, TÝR worked on new songs recorded in early 2009. The band chose to produce the album on native soil. Jacob Hansen mixed the new material with finishing touches provided by the mastering experts at Finnvox. By the Light of the Northern Star met with great feedback from fans and critics alike. The new anthem “Hold the Heathen Hammer High“ was regarded as the legitimate successor to “Hail to the Hammer.” After the release of the album By the Light of the Northern Star, the band played numerous concerts and festivals, as well as taking part in the 70.000 Tons of Metal cruise, while still finding the time to work on new material for their upcoming release.

The story of King Thrym, who dared steal Thor´s hammer “Mjollnir,” may set the lyrical stage on TÝR’s latest album, but it does not prevent them from covering more current topics like in the track “Shadow of the Swastika.” The Lay of Thrym follows the path of the band’s previous releases by uniting classic heavy metal riffs with impressive drumming, traditional melodies, and powerful choruses. The result is a number of epic anthems, such as “Take Your TÝRant” and “Hall of Freedom,” both of which will most certainly earn a permanent spot on TÝR’s future set lists. Frontman Heri Joensen continues to give TÝR a unique and unmistakable edge with magnificent vocals and superb guitar work. Jacob Hansen was again responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering the album, complementing this fascinating Faeroese sound universe with finishing touches that allow every last detail to shine. The Lay of Thrym is a genuine Viking metal album that will undoubtedly secure TÝR’s hold on this genre with its heroic melodies and glorious riffs.

We had TYR at Sabaton Open Air 2014, and we can now welcome them back again for their only show in Sweden during 2018!

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Warbringer to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Warbringer to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Warbringer is an American thrash metal band formed in 2004. Century Media Records signed Warbringer after seeing them at a local show in Los Angeles. Originally, a Century Media rep was at the show to see another LA thrash metal band but decided to sign Warbringer instead.

The band formed in 2004 when John Laux and Victor Mikhaltsevich met during high school. They shared a strong common interest in heavy metal and began writing instrumental songs together. Eventually Victor introduced John Kevill to Laux as the new vocalist and immediately a strong creative partnership was forged. Originally they had named the band Onslaught but changed their name after realizing that there is a band using the same name. Nothing had been recorded and released while they had used the name. They soon recruited Andy Laux as the bassist and Evan Reiter as drummer. A few weeks later Reiter left and was replaced by Adam Carroll whom Kevill had met opening as a guitarist in a local band at a Metal Church show.

The band finally had a solid line up in place and had adopted the name Warbringer after attempting to combine “War” as a prefix to a variety of words. They recorded a four-song demo in 2004 that was never released. It is the only recording with Victor Mikhaltsevich in the band. Due to creative differences the band decided to seek out another guitar player. Emilio Hoschet soon joined the band, and in 2005 they self-financed the Born of the Ruins demo. Copies were handmade and passed out for free at local shows.

A local thrash revival scene started expanding and growing around the L.A. area. Thanks to word of mouth, organic promotion, and social networking sites, at lot of young promoters began booking shows with exclusively traditional metal bands. Eventually bands in the scene were playing sold out shows on the Sunset Strip. Smaller labels became interested in the scene and Heavy Artillery Records had asked a number of upcoming thrash bands to contribute to a various artist compilation Speed Kills…Again.

Released was delayed until 2007.

Ryan Bates joined Warbringer early in 2006 as the band’s new drummer after Adam Carroll had left on a hiatus from Warbringer and Zombie.

In 2006 the band also finished the One By One, the Wicked Fall demo which was self-financed and recorded at Love Juice Labs. The original pressings were handmade, but the band eventually opted to have them printed more professionally. The EP was sent out to a number of different labels and magazines. The EP was very successful and was met with many positive reviews. Warbringer began to move up in the local roster and open for larger bands. Emilio Hoschet parted ways with the band early in 2007, and brought in former member Adam Carroll as a temporary guitarist. The band opened shows for bands like Obituary, Atheist and Repulsion.

In 2007 Warbringer signed with Century Media Adam Carroll decided to rejoin Warbringer full-time and made contributions to the music on War Without End as a drummer and guitarist.

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POWERWOLF to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

POWERWOLF to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

With „Preachers Of The Night“ Powerwolf achieved what nearly no metal band has ever achieved: The wolves entered position one of the German album charts! No other Metal band has accomplished similar success in the last years. With album number six, “Blessed & Possessed”, which was released last summer, Powerwolf unstoppably dashed into the top 3 again.

Their musical style is not the only aspect that makes them truly unique. Since the beginning the band presented a strong contentual and visual concept that perfectly enframed their music.

Powerwolf do not only impress on CD but also on stage where they prove to be true masters of entertainment who will celebrate a great Metal party with their fans at every gig. Powerwolf do not only rely on their fantastic songs, they also detain a Metal mass and playfully include religious/spiritual elements. The lightshow and the set decoration in sacral designs provide for the proper solemn atmosphere. And the band will surely not let their followers make their way home without being sanctified by front-priest Attila.

Powerwolf just combine all aspects to a thrilling event that will give you goosebumps and earned the band the reputation as one of the best live acts out there. Live on stage, the Wolfs will get everyone on their side! The band has already proven this on all big German and European festivals such as Wacken, Summer Breeze, Graspop, Metalcamp, Bloodstock, Metalfest, and back in 2013 we had them in Falun the past time.

We are more than happy to have them back for their only show in Sweden during 2018!

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BOMBUS to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

BOMBUS to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Bombus were formed in Gothenburg in around 2008 as a two piece and in 2009 they expanded to a four piece. Shortly afterwards they released their eponymous debut album. Bombus toured extensively through Scandinavia and Europe and in 2013 released their second album, “The Poet And The Parrot”.

It’s hard to describe Bombus’ sound because there really is nothing like it. Yes, of course Bombus are a metal band in the finest traditions of Scandinavian metal bands.

There is a huge energy on stage and off as Bombus and the head-banging crowd fuse as one. The driving guitar rhythms and ‘pumping eights’ send hair flying all over the place. Explosive drum rolls and thumping bass lines sends hearts racing as everyone in the tent loses themselves in the moment the torrential rain outside seems another world away. This is heavy rock at its finest. You can hear elements of early Black Sabbath, a touch of Motörhead, and maybe even a little early Metallica. Somehow it all comes together to create a sound that is uniquely Scandinavian rock.

Perhaps a little unusually Bombus utilize the vocals of both Feffe and Matte. Their well-synchronized roaring adds depth to the vocals, it’s something they developed after discovering that they sounded similar when they sang. It works brilliantly and helps to create a sound that is unique to Bombus.

As you would expect from a metal band the guitar work is never less than exemplary and the rhythm section drive things along at a great pace. The songs are beautifully structured and the whole set hangs together really well. There is no letup in the frenetic pace through the set and you can both hear and feel the little embellishments that come from playing material, that after two years of hectic touring, come as second nature to the band.

Bombus are a superb band and a fantastic live act.

They are certainly deserving of your attention. Grab a copy of their albums and go see them here in Falun, you won’t regret it.

Visit them online here!

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ORDEN OGAN to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

ORDEN OGAN to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

(ORDEN = german for a religious “order”, OGAN = old Celtic for “fear”)

Often referred to as a power-metal band, Germany’s ORDEN OGAN have developed their very unique style of hard yet melodic heavy metal, that makes them totally stand out from the crowd. having their roots in traditional german power metal ORDEN OGAN implemented folk, symphonic and elements of modern metal into their sound, transferring the german legacy into the new millennium and creating their very own genre.

Having played several European tours with bands like Hammerfall, Powerwolf, Grave Digger or Van Canto, to name a few, having played to packed festival fields like WACKEN OPEN AIR (GER), 70000 TONS OF METAL (USA), SUMMER BREEZE GER), TRONDHEIM METAL FEST (NO), MADE OF METAL (CZ), PROG POWER USA (USA), ROCK FEST BARCELONA (ES), ROCK HARD FESTIVAL (GER), – ORDEN OGAN today is an internationally established heavy metal act!

The last time we had them in Falun was in 2015 and now we really look forward having them back!

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SVARTSOT to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

SVARTSOT to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Since the band’s humble beginnings in 2005 as Denmark’s only actual folk metal band, SVARTSOT has seen the rise in popularity of both the genre and the band, in their homeland as well as abroad, throughout the past almost 13 years, and the band can now be classified as Denmark’s greatest folk metal band. SVARTSOT’s music can best be described as the meeting between folk music’s and the Middle Age’s compelling melodies and melodic death metal. The heavy yet progressive rhythm guitar, bass and drums lay a solid base for the authentic tones of the mandolin, bagpipe and whistles, whilst the lead guitar builds a bridge between the two worlds. SVARTSOT’s lyrical universe finds inspiration in Denmark’s wealth of folklore and history, and the predominantly growled lyrics are performed entirely in Danish.

After releasing the demos “Svundne Tider” (2005) and “Tvende Ravne” (2006), SVARTSOT signed a contract with the Austrian label Napalm Records in 2007. Hereafter followed the release of the albums “Ravnenes Saga” (2007), “Mulmets Viser” (2010) and “maledictus eris” (2011). In 2013 SVARTSOT chose to work in a new way, and future SVARTSOT albums would be re-leased as a co-operation between the band’s own company, Of Wood And Iron Productions, and the Hungarian label, Nail Records, who also stand behind releases from the legendary Hungarian folk metal band, Dalriada. The fruit of this collaboration came in the form of SVARTSOT’s fourth album, “Vældet”, which was released in 2015. Work is currently in progress for a coming album.

SVARTSOT is now an established name on the folk metal scene both at home and abroad and has toured with recognised bands such as Týr (Faeroes) and Alestorm (Scotland) in 2008, Negură Bunget (Romania) in 2010 as well as Arkona (Russia) and Metsatöll (Estonia) in 2015. SVARTSOT has also played a whole host of festivals both in Denmark and abroad, e.g. Wacken Open Air (DE – 2010), Paganfest (Extended Shows in DE and NL – 2010), Cernunnos Pagan Festival (FR – 2015), Copenhell (2012), Aalborg Metal Festival (2008 and 2015), Viru Folk Festival (EE – 2015), Rock Marathon (HU – 2013), Folk Summer Fest (RUS – 2016) and many others. Through the band’s renown as a live band where the focus is on the crowd, SVARTSOT as a headline act has experienced increased interest from the domestic and European scene throughout recent years. The band has headlined festivals and concerts in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, Estonia, Russia and other countries.

More reading here:

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THUNDERMOTHER to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

THUNDERMOTHER to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Thundermother is back with three new members and continues to fight for for music with their single “We Fight For Rock N Roll” released by Despotz Records on June 12th.

The band’s founder Filippa Nässil started the band in 2009 and since then the band has released two albums and had hundreds of shows. They have been touring with Michael Monroe, W.A.S.P, D-A-D and Danko Jones and recently had an sold out headline tour in Europe.

The band’s previous line-up with Clare Cunningham, Tilda Stenqvist, Giorgia Carteri and Linda Ström was formed in 2014 and when these four members decided to leave Thundermother in the spring of 2017, Filippa was determined to fight on with Guernica Mancini on song, Sara Pettersson on bass and Emlee Johansson on drums.

“This is the beginning of something new, We will follow our passion for as long as we can. We fight for rock n roll!”
 // Thundermother

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SEPULTURA to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

SEPULTURA to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Sepultura is a Brazilian heavy metal band from Belo Horizonte. Formed in 1984 by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, the band was a major force in the thrash metal and groove metal genres during the late 1980s and early 1990s, with their later experiments drawing influence from alternative metal, world music, nu metal, hardcore punk and industrial metal.

Sepultura has released fourteen studio albums to date, the latest being Machine Messiah (2017).

Sepultura has sold over three million units in the United States and almost 20 million worldwide, gaining multiple gold and records around the globe, including in countries as diverse as France, Australia, Indonesia, United States, Cyprus and their native Brazil.

Visit SEPULTURA online here!

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BATTLE BEAST to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

BATTLE BEAST to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

The last time we had BATTLE BEAST in Falun was in 2014, and now they are back stronger than ever!

Formed in 2008, BATTLE BEAST won the Wacken Metal Battle back in 2010. Followed by signing a record deal with German metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast and releasing their highly-acclaimed debut album »Steel« (2012), the band were seen touring successfully with their labelmates, symphonic metal masters NIGHTWISH.

After the arrival of new frontwoman Noora Louhimo in 2012, the release of their self-titled sophomore record (2013) delivered them support slots for well-known bands such as SONATA ARCTICA and POWERWOLF among others.

BATTLE BEAST’s unstoppable way to the top of the metal world went on: With their third studio album entitled »Unholy Savior«, the band hit the charts in several European countries (#1 Finland, #23 UK Rock, #39 Germany,…).

On the release day, the group embarked on a big European tour with Swedish heavy metal heroes SABATON and DELAIN. In support of this record, they also toured European soil as a headlining band for the very first time…

Visit them online here:

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ELEINE to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

ELEINE to Sabaton Open Air 2018

Seductive, Style & Monumental.

This is how Eleine presents themselves. The music is described by listeners as heavy symphonic metal that is both stylish and magnificent.

Eleine had their album debut in 2015 and have since had several acclaimed shows with great reviews

Sweden Rock Magazine 8/10
– ”You can’t resist the urge to be both fascinated and spellbound”

Rockbladet 10/10
– ” At the end of the show I had to ask myself, did this really happened?”

Eleine have toured parts of europé with Moonspell and The Foreshadowing and with W.A.S.P in Sweden.

Visit Eleine online here!

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PRIMAL FEAR to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

Primal Fear to Sabaton Open Air 2018

We are happy to announce Primal Fear, a German band formed in 1997 by singer Ralf Scheepers and Mat Sinner. Scheepers and Sinner have been constants in the heavy metal scene before the band was founded.

Ralf Scheepers sang in the bands Tyran Pace, F.B.I. and the internationally successful band Gamma Ray. After a gig with his Judas Priest cover band Just Priest in which Mat Sinner and Tom Naumann helped out the idea arose to found Primal Fear.

They signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast Records in late 1997. Their debut album Primal Fear was released in February 1998 and entered the German LP charts at place 48 thus making it one of the highest chart entries of a debut album in German metal.

The same year they toured with metal veterans Running Wild and HammerFall.

Visit Primal Fear online here!

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North American tour 2018 with KREATOR!

Official press release:

Swedish heavy metal heroes SABATON are uniting with German thrash titans and label mates KREATOR for the ultimate North American co-headlining trek. The 24-date tour kicks off on Thursday, February 8. 2018 at The Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona and will make stops in Los Angeles, Montreal, and Philadelphia before concluding at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia on March 11th.

SABATON’s Par Sundström comments, “We are excited to return to American grounds after the last successful tour. Teaming up with our friends in KREATOR, we are able to play larger venues which allows us to bring a bigger production than we ever brought into America.

KREATOR’s Mille Petrozza states, “Hordes! We return back to North America alongside the mighty SABATON! It’s a true European invasion and we can’t wait to be back!

Nuclear Blast’s Symphonic and Thrash metal artists collide for an unforgettable experience filled with high energy and extradorniary musicianship.

will be touring in support of their highly-acclaimed eighth album, The Last Stand. Check out the the lyric video for “Sparta” which chronicles the story of the most iconic last stands battle of Thermopylae. Listen to it here:

KREATOR is touring in support of Gods Of Violence which entered the world charts at #16. Watch the music video for ‘Satan Is Real’ on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel:

Citi® Cardmember will have the opportunity to purchase advance tickets from Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 10:00 AM local time until Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 10:00 PM local time and their mobile app will give its customers the opportunity to purchase advance tickets from Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 10:00 AM local time until Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 10:00 PM local time. (Use the password: BEATS)

Ticketmaster will have advance tickets available from Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at10:00 AM local time until Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 10:00 PM local time. (Use the password: SABATOR)

All other outlets will have general admission tickets available on Friday, November 3, 2017 at 10:00 AM local time!

Dates for the 2018 SABATON & KREATOR North American co-headlining tour are:

02/08/2018 The Van Buren – Phoenix, AZ
02/09/2018 The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA
02/10/2018 The UC Theater – San Francisco, CA
02/12/2018 Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
02/13/2018 Showbox – Seattle, WA
02/14/2018 The Vogue Theater – Vancouver, BC
02/16/2018 Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
02/17/2018 The Palace – Calgary, AB
02/19/2018 Revolution – Boise, ID
02/21/2018 The Gothic Theater – Denver, CO
02/22/2018 The Truman – Kansas City, MO
02/23/2018 Music Hall – Minneapolis, MN
02/24/2018 Orpheum Theatre – Madison, WI
02/26/2018 20 Monroe – Grand Rapids, MI
02/27/2018 House of Blues – Chicago, IL
03/01/2018 The Phoenix – Toronto, ON
03/02/2018 Metropolis – Montreal, QC
03/03/2018 House of Blues – Boston, MA
03/04/2018 The Paramount Theater – Huntington, NY
03/06/2018 The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA
03/07/2018 The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD
03/08/2018 The Ritz – Raleigh, NC
03/10/2018 Jannus Landing – St Petersburg, FL
03/11/2018 Buckhead Theatre – Atlanta, GA

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BEAST IN BLACK to Sabaton Open Air 2018!


When we heard their single “Blind & Frozen” for the very first time, we arranged a pre-listening of the full album “Berserker” and it became crystal clear that we just had to book them for the 2018 issue of Sabaton Open Air!

-We just loved it!

And what do media think about their upcoming album “Berserker”?

Metalized (DK) 9/10
METAL HAMMER GREECE (Official) (GR) 8/10
Aardschok (NL) 82/100


A five-piece Helsinki based heavy metal band that was founded by Anton Kabanen soon after he had parted ways with BATTLE BEAST in 2015. The international line-up consists of Yannis Papadopoulos (voc), Mate Molnar (bass), Sami Hänninen (drs), Kasperi Heikkinen (gtr) and Anton Kabanen (gtr, voc).

By the end of 2015 the band had already played their first gig as an opener for NIGHTWISH without even having their debut album out yet. The making of the album was in progress and it was completed in the summer of 2017.

A record deal was made with NUCLEAR BLAST almost immediately after the completion of the album. The debut album titled “BERSERKER” is set to be released in November 2017 and it continues in the style of Anton’s previously composed works which include the first three Battle Beast albums.

And let it be mentioned that one of the essential themes on this debut is a Japanese manga and anime “BERSERK”.

The album cover art deserves a special mention as well, since it marks the return of the collaboration between Anton and Roman Ismailov who was the original illustrator and graphic artist for Battle Beast.

The time is drawing near. The newborn Beast is back with a vengeance, rising from the abyss with fortitude to spew its unrivaled heavy metal fury all over the world!

The Beast is back, the Beast In Black!

Visit them online here!

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DALRIADA to Sabaton Open Air 2018!


DALRIADA is a folk metal band from Hungary that was formed in 1998 under the name “Echoes of Dalriada”, and changed their name into DALRIADA in 2006!

They have released 9 studio albums so far, and here is one of their great tracks:

Tickets to Sabaton Open Air can be found here!

More info on Dalriada

The band, the predecessor of Dalriada, was formed in early January 1998 with a five-person lineup, two guitars, bass guitars, drums and vocals, in Sopron.

The team played a more classic, classical heavy / power metal, where Hungarian, Celtic folk, and old-fashioned elements were already in color.

Between 1999 and 2001, the band was strengthened by a violinist with whom the band moved even further into the new metal field, which was almost unfamiliar with that time.

The early lineup fell apart because of a tragic death, unfortunately the demo records of that time were lost.
Membership remaining in the orchestra was a long way to look for the right setting, first Laura came to sing as a singer in 2001, and shortly thereafter, Tadeusz occupied the space behind the drums.

The inclusion of the Dalriada name, the complete lineup and the first major sounding material, the Walesi Bárdok, appeared in 2003 with the accession of György Varga.

From now on, the team is constantly working, concerts, releasing discs, presenting the Hungarian and increasingly on the international stage. Thanks to the many concerts, musicals and personal conflicts and other reasons, since 2003, many exchanges have been exchanged, but this did not break the momentum of the band.

Since the recordings of Arany-Album since 2009, he has been playing with the Dalriada album, and with the major concert one of Hungary’s outstanding folk music ensembles, the Fajkusz Banda.
The band signed a promise to the German Afm Record in 2011, so the album was promoted and distributed throughout the world.
The Mahasugi’s posting of the band’s publications, the viewing of the clips and the attendance of the concerts all show that there is a great interest in Dalriada’s epic, ballad, old-fashioned, reverberant metal in the world. READ MORE HERE!

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HULKOFF to Sabaton Open Air 2018!


It would be a major misconduct to not book our dear friend and brother in arms, wouldn’t it? :)
So, the first act for 2018 is hereby announced: HULKOFF!

HULKOFF have so far released 3 kick ass singles prior to the album release in November, you can find them here:


Tickets for Sabaton Open Air can be found here!

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The Last Heroes are coming to Falun

The Last Heroes are coming to Falun

We are exited to announce that “The Last Heroes” are coming to Falun for the first time ever!

On the Official Pre Party of Sabaton Open Air, they will release their full might and with great force unyieldingly play Immortal hits from everybody’s else’s career!

This band of brothers, who carries the nickname “the ultimate super group” coined by themselves, have all played together in a special band before, but this time it’s once in a lifetime experience. For the first… and probably the last time.

The Last Heroes is something you don’t want to miss, and more importantly – need to see.

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World of Tanks collaborates with Swedish Heavy Metal Band SABATON!

World of Tanks collaborates with Swedish Heavy Metal Band SABATON!

Official press release.

Metal gods collide on June 12th as indigo at The O2 plays host to the 15th annual Metal Hammer Golden God Awards, in association with Orange Amplification. The event attracts greats from the rock and metal industry and fans from across the world. So, it’s natural that Wargaming and World of Tanks are involved, which marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the game and the heavy metal band SABATON.

For Wargaming and its millions of players, the combination of history and epic music is a huge part of their gaming scene. Not only is SABATON a big influence for fans of the game, but the band themselves love playing World of Tanks when they have some time between the shows. It just goes to show that this kind of united inspiration brings a massively diverse bunch of people together to share their passion…and blow stuff up.

This year won’t be SABATON’s first tour of the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards. In 2011, the band won the Breakthrough Band Award and was nominated in 2012, which was sponsored by Wargaming. Having performed in 2012, it only seems right that on the 15th anniversary of the event SABATON returns.

“It’s fantastic to see that SABATON’s members are an active part of World of Tanks,” said Maxim Chuvalov, World of Tanks marketing manager. “We know our players’ interests don’t just stop at gaming — their talents go far beyond. With this collaboration, we wanted to celebrate the musical talent from our World of Tanks community because it’s an extremely important part of the in-game experience. This was our chance to share the music in and around our games with the global gaming communities and help inspire them even more.”

“History is a great source of inspiration to us,” said Joakim Brodén, lead singer of SABATON. “We like to tell stories that influenced the lives of a lot of people. We’ve all been playing World of Tanks, and seeing the company step outside of just gaming in lots of cool ways is an awesome thing to be a part of.”

Fans of Wargaming and SABATON can expect some cool surprises on the way, so you’d better stay tuned for more information. And, of course, rock on!

About World of Tanks
World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare of the mid-20th century. Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. Your arsenal includes over 500 armored vehicles from the United States, Germany, the Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, Japan, China, Sweden and Czechoslovakia carefully detailed with historical accuracy.
Official website:

About Wargaming
Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher and one of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market. Founded as a privately held company in 1998, Wargaming has shipped over 15 titles. Currently, Wargaming is focused on its team-based MMO war series dedicated to the mid-20th century warfare that includes the armored World of Tanks, the flight combat World of Warplanes, and the naval World of Warships. The three intertwined titles form a common gaming universe integrated within the portal

As part of its multiplatform line-up, the company has introduced World of Tanks on Xbox and World of Tanks Blitz on mobile platforms, Windows 10 PCs and Mac OS X. Launched in 2014 and 2015, World of Tanks on Xbox introduced epic tank-on-tank battles to console gamers and offers the first cross-platform gaming experience between Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In 2016, Wargaming released World of Tanks for PlayStation®4, continuing its console campaign.
Official website:

Order SABATONs recent album »The Last Stand« now:
Get »The Last Stand« digitally:

More on »The Last Stand«:
‘The Lost Battalion’ OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO:
‘Blood Of Bannockburn’ OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO:


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HammerFall to do special Glory To the Brave session in Falun 2017!


Since this is the 20th anniversary of HammerFall‘s debut album Glory To The Brave, the band has decided to do something very special to celebrate this milestone. At Bang Your Head Festival in Germany and Sabaton Open Air in Sweden, they members will be joined on stage by Swedish Grammy nominees Draupner (featuring 3-time key-fiddle world champion Magnus Holmström) for an extensive Glory To The Brave session that you won’t see anywhere else.

Singer Joacim Cans exclaims: “I have worked with these wizards of folk music before, and what they are capable of doing on their instruments is almost impossible. If Yngwie Malmsteen played key-fiddle his name would be Magnus Holmström. This will truly be an epic and unforgettable addition to the live set!”

Draupner represents the timeless Swedish folk music tradition and will put their very unique stamp on some of the HammerFall classics. Expect something very much out of the ordinary for this segment, as no other band on this level has incorporated the Swedish folk music and made the tradition come alive in a heavy metal setting.

This will be reserved for the headline slot of these two festivals, and nowhere else.

Hammerfall to do special Glory To the Brave session in Falun!
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The Last Tour – North America 2017 is over!

North America 2017

From the bottom of our hearts:

– Thank You USA & CANADA for this amazing tour! And a big thanks to BATTLE BEAST & LEAVES’ EYES for great touring company!

We cannot wait to be back in North America again, and we hope it will be really soon!

This was the North America 2017 tour:

April 20 – Philadelphia, PA
April 21 – New York City, NY
April 22 – Worcester, MA
April 23 – Clifton Park, NY
April 25 – Montreal, QE
April 26 – Quebec City, QE
April 27 – Toronto, ON
April 28 – Cleveland, OH
April 30 – Louisville, KY
May 1 – Chicago, IL
May 2 – Minneapolis, MN
May 3 – Winnipeg, MB
May 5 – Edmonton, AB
May 6 – Calgary, AB
May 7 – Vancouver, BC
May 8 – Seattle, WA
May 10 – San Francisco, CA
May 11 – Anaheim, CA
May 12 – Tempe, AZ
May 14 – Englewood, CO
May 16 – Dallas, TX
May 17 – San Antonio, TX
May 18 – Houston, TX
May 20 – Tampa, FL
May 21 – Charlotte, NC
May 22 – Silver Springs, MD

Wanna catch us on tour?

All info about our coming shows, including ticket links to 100% official and valid tickets is always available here:

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Brothers of Metal to Sabaton Open Air 2017!

Brothers of Metal

Some call them the greatest metal band that ever existed. Even though they met both fame and fortune they still stayed modest. They never called themselves the greatest or the best, the most cunning. Because deep inside they know they are all that and more, they are mighty warriors of Valhalla chosen by Odin allfather. They play true metal that leave posers and wimps in shame of their way of life.

Metal Hammer will most likely give their upcoming album 12/10 giving Brothers of Metal their rightful place on the throne, as kings and queens of true metal. If you miss this battle, you shall forever live in regret and despair.
Come, watch the battle, become a believer.