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The Last Heroes returns to Sabaton Open Air!

The Last Heroes Returns to Sabaton Open Air!

The last band to complete the 2018 line-up is The Last Heroes who will be the first band out on Wednesday’s pre-party!

Read their statement below:

After a triumphant world tour of Falun, the Heroes have made the executive royal decision to once again, with might and irresistible strength return to the battle grounds of Dalarna!

We will be there, to fight along side our brothers and sisters of true metal to once and for all put an end to false metal

Don’t miss this opportunity to fullfill your dreams, scream as loud as you can and be a part of something bigger! 

As the saying goes: 60% of the time, true metal wins all of the times! 

Real steel! 

Real music! 

Fight, kill and die! 

For the metal!

Yours truly/ The Last Heroes

– See you in the bar area Wednesday @ 18.30

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ReinXeed to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

ReinXeed to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

After 5 years of almost complete silence, the symphonic power metallers ReinXeed is back!

They released 6 albums in 6 years starting with ’The Light’ back in 2008 to ’A New World’ in 2013 , then they went undercover.

ReinXeed is where Tommy Johansson, current guitarist in Sabaton, started his metal journey!

For 5 years they might have been quiet for the public, but not in the studio. Hard work with new music has been going on, which is by far their best and most well produced to this date!

Today ReinXeed is Tommy Johansson (Guitar, Vocals), Alex Oriz (Guitar), Chris David (Bass) and with them on drums for Sabaton Open Air they will bring their good friend Daniel Sjögren from Twilight Force.

This marks the comeback of ReinXeed and their first gig in 5 years, they promise a hell of a show!

The Alliance will rise again!

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V to Sabaton Open Air 2018!

V’s history reaches back to the ’90s, when the band’s original personnel (two of whom had formed the hardcore band Amend in 1994) were amalgamating a blend of hardcore, death, and thrash metal. An EP named VI was recorded in 2006 (but just released last year), and then the band went on a hiatus for a decade, emerging again now with Pathogenisis.

And with the passage of so many years, V’s sound and conceptual focus has changed, the music becoming heavier and more freighted with doom, their world-view transitioning into visions of a nihilistic future and “a world crumbling to its knees”