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After more than 2 years in planning we can now make official what we have been working on.

Next summer we will do a tour in Sweden where we will play open air shows in classical and historical arenas .
The tour also includes the special show at Sabaton Open Air in our hometown Falun.

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31 juli Stenungsund, Nösnäsvallen
2 aug Varberg, Fästningshörnan
7 aug Borgholm, Borgholms Slottsruin
8 aug Ronneby, Brunnsparken
9 aug Trelleborg, Östervång
16 aug Falun, Sabaton Open Air
21 aug Uppsala, Vaksala Torg
22 aug Norrköping, Folkets Park / Borgen
23 aug Karlstad, Mariebergsparken

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We are confirmed for a once in a lifetime concert in Norway!

We have been given the chance to play a unique concert in Halden in Norway.

For those who know the story behind our latest album Carolus Rex you know that the Swedish Empire ended with the death of the king Charles XII at this specific fortress.

We will play on the 21st of June on the place where Carolus Rex died and it will truly be a night to be remembered.
300 years ago the Swedish War Machine besieged this fortress of Fredrikshald, now we are back!

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For some time there has been rumors about Robban coming back soon, or that Snowy would fill in for a while longer, or even take Robbans place permanently behind the drums.

To put an end to these rumors we now present our new full time member in Sabaton: Hannes Van Dahl.

Hannes has previously played in Evergrey which we have toured with in the past, and he has also worked side by side with us as drum technician for Snowy during his time in Sabaton.

He did his first show as a Sabaton member at this weekends show at Metal Hammer Paradise festival in Germany.

We would of course like to thank Robban and Snowy for their great time in Sabaton, and we will continue to support them in everything they will do in the future!

In just a few weeks we will start recording a new album and more details will be presented very soon!
The topic for the new album is set and we are very excited, it´s totally SABATON.

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Sabaton returns to North America in 2014

We are returning to North America for a tour in early 2014. It will be the first full run across the continent we have done since 2011 and we cannot wait.

This time we will tour with Iced Earth and Revamp, a perfect combination of bands.

04/04/14 The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI
04/05/14 The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
04/06/14 House Of Blues – Chicago, IL
04/07/14 First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
04/09/14 Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA
04/10/14 Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH
04/11/14 Agora Theatre – Cleveland, OH
04/12/14 St. Andrew’s Hall – Detroit, MI
04/14/14 Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON – CANADA
04/15/14 Imperial Theater – Quebec City, QC – CANADA
04/16/14 Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC – CANADA
04/17/14 Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
04/18/14 Best Buy Theater – New York, NY
04/19/14 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
04/21/14 Empire – West Springfield, VA
04/23/14 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
04/24/14 House Of Blues – Orlando, FL
04/25/14 Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
04/26/14 State Theatre – St. Petersburg, FL
04/28/14 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
04/29/14 Trees – Dallas, TX
05/01/14 Club Red – Tempe, AZ
05/02/14 House Of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
05/03/14 Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
05/05/14 Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
05/06/14 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
05/07/14 The Venue – Vancouver, B.C. – CANADA
05/09/14 The Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB – CANADA
05/10/14 Republik – Calgary, AB – CANADA
05/11/14 Riddell Centre – Regina, SK – CANADA
05/12/14 Park Theatre – Winnipeg, MB – CANADA
05/14/14 The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
05/15/14 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
05/16/14 Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK

More details & ticket links here!

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The Sabaton Cruise 2013 is now SOLD OUT!

We knew it was popular, but not exactly how popular until we today found out that all the tickets to this years Sabatoncruise is sold out already!
Last year it took 7 weeks to sell it out and this year less then 2 weeks…

We have not announced any other artists that will join us on HMS Galaxy, this will be a surprise for the around 2000 sailors that will join us for the Cruise of the year!

– Set sail!

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Did the Nazis win the battle of Stalingrad?

We have been reached by the news that some organizations and political representatives who claims to have studied us has come to the conclusion that Sabaton are a nazi band, and because of that our scheduled appearance at the 70:th anniversary of the battle of Stalingrad should be cancelled.
This show is to take place in a few weeks in Volgograd.

Further, these people believe that we will desecrate the Russian flag during our concert (which we have never done and of course have no intention of doing) and they are now trying their best to ban Sabaton from all of Russia!!!

We know that the people of Russia is far more intelligent than this and thus we hope that reason will allow us to play this concert in honour of this historical event and the Sovjet soldiers who fought for their freedom.

Sabaton is and has always been a NON-POLITICAL and NON-RELIGIOUS band and holds a lot of respect to the veterans of war and the heroic and non-selfish acts that was performed in a time of need.

Ps. It should be noted that Sabaton has been awarded honorary membership of the “Scions of the 17:th Airborne Division”, an organization that consists of veterans from the very same airborne division who fought against the nazis in “The battle of the Bulge” and “Operation Varsity”.

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Finally we can reveal more details about the upcoming release of our DVD!

Totally there were 4 shows recorded for this DVD / Blu ray and the main feature will be from last years show in Poland where more than half a million fans had gathered @ Woodstock.
There will be several versions of the release and you can read all about them in Nuclear Blast’s official news below.


Official Nuclear Blast news:
SABATON – reveal »Swedish Empire Live« cover art, tracklist and formats!

Swedish heavy metal superstars SABATON have revealed the cover artwork for the band’s first ever live DVD/Blu Ray »Swedish Empire Live« as well as its tracklist and available formats.
»Swedish Empire Live« features the band’s stunning live performance at the renowned Polish Woodstock Festival in 2012 where over half a million fans had gathered to watch SABATON deliver as they are known for doing.

Besides this overwhelming main feature, the first ever SABATON live offering also features even more live footage of the band’s performances in Gothenburg, London and Oberhausen on their extensive “Swedish Empire Tour”.

Find both tracklist and cover below/attached.

»Swedish Empire Live« can be pre-orderd via and will be out September 20, 2013 – available as:
  • 2Blu-Ray Digi
  • 2DVD Digi
  • DVD !!!Poland only!!!
  • CD Digi
  • 2LP (limited black vinyl in gatefold + poster)
  • 2LP (limited yellow vinyl in gatefold + poster) !!!Nuclear Blast Mailorder only!!!
  • Earbook (2Blu-Ray + 2DVD + CD + exclusive bonus CD, 48 pages Earbook)
  • Special Leather Hardcover Earbook !!!Nuclear Blast Mailorder only!!! (2Blu-Ray + 2DVD + CD + exclusive bonus CD, 48 pages Earbook)

DVD 1 / Blu-ray 1 

Live @ Woodstock Festival (Poland)
01. The March To War
02. Ghost Division
03. Uprising
04. Gott Mit Uns
05. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
06. The Lion From The North
07. The Price Of A Mile
08. Into The Fire
09. Carolus Rex
10. Midway
11. White Death
12. Attero Dominatus
13. The Art Of War
14. Primo Victoria
15. 40:1
16. Metal Crüe
17. Panzer Batallion

Swedish Empire Tour Mix:

01. The March To War
02. Ghost Division
03. Gott Mit Uns
04. Poltava
05. Talvisota
06. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
07. 40:1
08. Swedish Pagans
09. The Carolean’s Prayer
10. The Lion From The North
11. The Hammer Has Fallen
12. Attero Dominatus
13. The Art Of War
14. En Livstid I Krig
15. Primo Victoria
16. Metal Crüe

– The Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity Foundation (short movie)

DVD 2 / Blu-ray 2:

Live in Gothenburg
01. The March To War
02. Ghost Division
03. Gott Mit Uns (Swedish version)
04. Carolus Rex (Swedish version)
05. White Death
06. Poltava (Swedish version)
07. 40:1
08. Karolinens Bön
09. Into The Fire
10. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
11. Lejonet Från Norden
12. The Hammer Has Fallen
13. Attero Dominatus
14. The Art Of War
15. En Livstid I Krig
16. Primo Victoria
17. Metal Crüe

Live In Oberhausen:

01. The March To War
02. Ghost Division
03. Gott Mit Uns
04. Poltava
05. Carolus Rex
06. 40:1
07. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
08. Swedish Pagans
09. The Hammer Has Fallen
10. Attero Dominatus
11. The Art Of War
12. Primo Victoria
13. Metal Crüe


Live In London
01. The March To War
02. Ghost Division
03. Poltava
04. Talvisota
05. The Carolean’s Prayer
06. Uprising
07. The Lion From The North
08. The Hammer Has Fallen
09. Coat Of Arms
10. The Art Of War
11. Primo Victoria
12. Metal Crüe

Live Clips:

01. Karolinens Bön (live clip)
02. En Livstid I Krig (live clip)


Live @ Woodstock Festival (Poland):
01. The March To War
02. Ghost Division
03. Uprising
04. Gott Mit Uns
05. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
06. The Lion From The North
07. The Price Of A Mile
08. Into The Fire
09. Carolus Rex
10. Midway
11. White Death
12. Attero Dominatus
13. The Art Of War
14. Primo Victoria
15. 40:1
16. Metal Crüe


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Swedish Empire Live

We can now confirm the release date of the DVD/Blu Ray we recorded last year.
It will be released on September 20, 2013 via Nuclear Blast.

The title of our first ever real DVD/Blu Ray release is »Swedish Empire Live«.

More details will follow soon.
We can tell you that we have watched this countless times and feel very proud and cannot wait to share all this with all of you.
-You are in for a great surprise!

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As Sabaton we normally write about history, but today those tables are turned and we can proudly say that we ourselves have now become a part of history!

We have just been reached by the amazing news that our album Carolus Rex have reached platinum sales in Sweden and that we are the only Swedish heavy metalband who ever have done this, besides Europe.
That makes Carolus Rex one of the most successful Swedish heavy metal album ever!

This is an amazing achievement, a milestone and proof that all the long tours, hard work and difficult choices we have had to make have been the right ones. Our biggest thanks from the deepest of our hearts to all the people who have supported us on this journey. No words are enough for what you have done for us or what we feel today.


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Sabaton supports Iron Maiden 2013!

Today we are happy to confirm that we will support Iron Maiden @ Swedens largest venue: Friends Arena in Stockholm on July 13:th.
This is the latest addition to the 8 shows long tour that we will do this summer along with the heavy metal giants from Great Britain!


So, together with Iron Maiden we will tour Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany and United States.
This will truly be a fantastic trip for us.

Here are all the dates:

2013-06-29 (DE) Singen-Aach
2013-07-06 (DE) Oberhausen
2013-07-10 (SE) Malmö
2013-07-13 (SE) Stockholm
2013-07-16 (RU) St Petersburg
2013-07-18 (RU) Moscow
2013-07-20 (FI) Helsinki
2013-09-13 (US) San Bernardino, CA

-See You on the road!

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Rockstad: Falun is Sabaton Open Air



Rockstad: Falun has popularly been called the “Sabaton festival in Falun”, and we have naturally been proud of that since we started it all thanks to the band Sabaton.

The festival has never had the ambition to be the greatest festival in Sweden and never had to book the most famous bands in the world. We have however offered high quality and several exclusive artists at a good price every year, on maybe Sweden’s best festival area.
The band Sabaton, from the town of Falun, has grown to one of the greatest hardrock bands with fans travelling every year from more than 25 countries to Falun to visit us.

Sabaton as a standing main attraction on a hardrock festival in the region of Dalarna, has big opportunities to appeal to a greater number of guests from far away. But to reach these people, the festival needs a name that does not create confusion in an international context.
The hardrock festival in Falun will still be arranged in the same way as Rockstad: Falun, but will hereby be known as Sabaton Open Air. We will not change our thinking when we book other bands, but all Sabaton fans will be offered a more unique experience.

This time, Sabaton’s whole concept album from 2008, “The Art of War”, will be performed live, meaning some never before performed songs. Of course, the band will also perform songs from other albums, spiced up with a spectacular light show and a lot of pyrotechnics as appropriate in your hometown.

“We aim to attract fans from the whole world with this small change, and make them find our home town and festival. During the last years, we have got lots of questions about our own cruise “Sabaton Cruise” from foreign press and fans, but very few have discovered our 3-days festival, which is an even bigger event.
Rockstad: Falun was started in 2008 because we wanted to make a special event in conjunction with the launch of the album “The Art of War” and therefore it feels good to perform the whole album live for the first time, and in our hometown Falun.”
Pär Sundström – Sabaton

The festival takes place August 15-17, and so far the booked bands include: Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar, Raubtier, Magnum, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Wolf, Delain, Moonspell, Powerwolf, Axxis, Bullet, Bloodbound, Elvenking, Månegarm, Skitarg, Crystal Viper, Demonical, October Tide, Junkstars, Kissin’ Dynamite, Man.Machine.Industry, Zia, Fimbultyr, Neverlore, Red Nova, Revoked, Wrong Channel.

The entrance fee for the festival is only 666 SEK for all 3 days. The festival also has its own camping site, which is calculated to accommodate about 6,000 people in the summer of 2013.

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Thank You Europe!

Another part of the Swedish Empire Tour is now at the end, and what a tour it was!

One of the biggest memories we have was the insane storm that hit Hungary when we were travelling towards Greece.
A whole day where our tourbus was stuck at the highway in a blizzard, we re-routed our touringparty, we booked flights, arrived too late, booked new flights, arrived too late, finally caught final flight to Greece. We made the shows and proved that even if mother earth threw all her hate upon us we do not cancel.

Big thanks to everyone involved in making this possible and of course the biggest thanks to the best fans in the world…
-You know who you are!

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Grand Slam @ Bandit Rock Awards

Today we won all the 3 categories we were nominated in at Bandit Rock Awards 2013!

  • Best Swedish Album
  • Best Swedish Live Act
  • Best Swedish Group / Artist

Without fans like you, who are dedicated and buy our albums and come to our shows & vote for us in competitions like this one, things  like this could never happen!


Within one week we start our European tour & with this evening in our mind, it can only be a great success…

See YOU on tour!

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We are touring with Iron Maiden this summer!

We are happy to announce that we will be doing some shows with Iron Maiden this summer.
First out is the show at Malmö Stadium in Sweden and then to be followed by 2 shows in Russia: St Petersburg and Moscow.

2013.07.10 – Malmö (SWE) – Malmö Stadium
2013.07.16 – St Petersburg (RUS) – New Arena
2013.07.18 – Moscow (RUS) – Olimpyski Stadium

T-shirt from our last support show (2011) with Iron Maiden is available here!

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Today arrived the latest issue of Sweden Rock Magazine, where the readers have voted Carolus Rex for the best album in 2012!

This is something we are much more proud of than any nominations in other awards where a jury decides who wins.

Sweden Rock Magazine is the biggest and most important Hard Rock Magazine in the Nordic countries and their readers have spoken!

For us this is huge, -THANK YOU.

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Our latest album Carolus Rex have sold gold in Sweden, spent 28 weeks in high notes in Swedish album charts and topped many international charts.

Since the tour started in April we have done around 120 concerts, played live for over 1 million people and done one of the most successful metal tours in Sweden ever.

We have won Best Band & Best Liveband at Bandit Rock Awards, we have won Best Liveband at Golden Gods Awards.

It was indeed a good year for Sabaton and here comes another great thing. We have been nominated for a Swedish Grammis.
This is the third time we are nominated for this award. Maybe its our time to bring it home.

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We are headlining Metaltown

After the amazing night in Gothenburg where we played our biggest indoor headlineshow ever we could not imagine ourselves to wait too long to return to Gothenburg, and here we are.

We will be one of the headliners of Metaltown 2013, and we are really proud of this.
Thanks to thousands of fans this is possible.