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1648 (English)


While Europe speak of peace, all other battles cease
There’s a man who aims for more than he can reach
All over
On fire
All of Bohemia set ablaze
Stand on their own

The road to the city has been blocked
(They’re denied)
To enter the gates
Though they tried
(Though they tried)
When Prague was called to arms
They fought them on the bridge
Their freedom was at stake

Stand and fight, the city is burning
Königsmarck lost, stopped him at Karluv Most.
Stained by blood, their brothers die side by side
Did what they could
Died where they stood

Their city has been besieged, all hell on Prague unleashed
As the cannons crush the walls, the city shakes
Is spreading
And pain is all that Sweden brought
Rise and strike back

The walls of the city has been breached
(They’re reclaimed)
On that very night
They did it on their own
They fought them on the bridge
Their freedom was at stake

Unconquered city on Vltavas shore
Start of the conflict and end of the war
Unconquered city on Vltavas shore
Is protected by its people
And thirty years ago the war begun
It has returned to where it started

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Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
Europe had grown tired of war by the summer of 1648, and after much deliberation, peace talks in Westphalia had reached their final stages, but not everyone agreed. The last major clash of the Thirty Years’ War happened in Prague, where it all began. Sweden took the opportunity for a last assault on Bohemia to loot Prague Castle.

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