Carolus Rex album cover

Killing Ground


Frozen ground
Ride with the wind
Emerge from the gunsmoke like demons
Rehnskiöld’s men
Charging their flanks
The enemy trembles with fear

One by one the Saxons disband
Or die where they stand

Killing ground
Even though you surrender
Turn around
You will never survive
Killing ground
At the battle of Fraustadt

Fall in line
Battle formations
Show no fear
Riding them down
Break their will
Show them no mercy
Caroleans attack

Round them up, look into their eyes
They beg for their lives

See the Caroleans standing tall
All for one and one for all
Enemies fall at their feet
Begging for their mercy
See the Caroleans standing tall
Conquer lands and slaughter all
Enemies fall at their feet
Victory and great defeat

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Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
During the Battle of Fraustadt, the Swedish forces faced an army almost twice its size and were victorious. On that day the Swedes showed the world its superiority during battle.

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