Carolus Rex album cover

Long Live The King


Dreams are seldom shattered by a bullet in the dark
Rulers come and rulers go, will our kingdom fall apart?

Who shall we now turn to, when our leaders lost their heart?
Lives are lost but at what cost, will the grand dream fall apart?

Killed by his own or by his foes, turned the tide
Three hundred years still no one knows, the secret remains

Broken dreams so grand, sing of his final stand, long live Carolus
Brought by soldiers hand, back to the fatherland, long live Carolus Rex

Brought him back to Sweden, where we put him in a chest
Years of war and agony, now the king can finally rest

What will be uncovered, from that cold November night
Fredrikshald, what happened there, will it ever come to light?

For their honor
For their glory
For the men who fought and bled
A soldier from Sweden remembers the dead

Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
Charles XII of Sweden was killed on the 30th of November 1718 by a bullet that went through his head while he was inspecting trenches during the siege of Fredriksten. The circumstances of his death are unclear, despite multiple investigations on the battlefield, on his clothes and on his skull and bones, it’s not known where he was hit exactly nor if the shot came from the enemy rank or from his own lines. (Text credits: Gregory Sandoz)