Coat Of Arms Album Cover

Coat Of Arms


At dawn envoy arrives, morning of October 28th
No-day proven by deed, descendants of Sparta, Athens, and Crete
Look north, ready to fight, enemies charge from the hills
To arms facing defeat, there’s no surrender, there’s no retreat

Time after time, force their enemies back to the line

Call to arms, banners fly in the wind
For the glory of Hellas
Coat of arms reading “Freedom or Death”
Blood of king Leonidas

Air raid pounding the land, bombers are flying both day and night
Endure 6 days of rain dropped by invaders bomb raid in vain
Strike hard the tables have turned, drive them back over the hills
At arms just like before, soldiers, civilians, Hellas at war

By their own hand forced the enemy out of their land

Just like their ancestors ages ago, fought in the face of defeat
Those 300 men left a pride to uphold: Freedom or Death in effect

Then, now again, blood of heroes saving their land

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Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
Prior to the Greco-Italian war’s commencement, the Greeks were given an ultimatum – to permit Italy’s occupation of certain strategic points in the country or face an Italian invasion. They chose to stand their ground and fight like their brave ancestors.

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