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Screaming Eagles


Crack of the lightning splitting the ground
Thunder is sounding, artillery pounding
Wrath of the Nazis cast on Bastogne
Facing their forces alone


Sent from the skies jumped into the unknown
The march to Berlin has begun
Spearhead the charge surrounded by foes
Eagles are leading the way

France is still under enemy rule
Push, axis retreat

Thrown towards Arnhem a bitter defeat
They’re stretched out just one bridge too far
Turn of the tide, it’s breaking away
Losing momentum, retreat

Go to Bastogne, the crossroads must hold
Stand, alone in the cold

Dig your own foxholes or dig your own grave
The storm is about to begin
The siege has begun, there’s nowhere to run
Panzerkampfwagen emerge

Tanks and mortars are shaking the ground
Prey of man and machine

Chill of the winter bite to the bone and Christmas is drawing near
Soldiers are freezing, the death toll increasing
They’re dying in their holes
There’s no surrender, there’s no retreat, the Wehrmacht is drawing near
There’s no reinforcements, they’re fighting all alone

Sent from the skies ended up in Bastogne
As easy, as hard as they get
Nazi command request and demand
Offered surrender – declined

Nuts! The general’s word echo clear
Nuts! The Nazis shall hear

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Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
The US 101st Airborne Division, known as the Screaming Eagles, was sent to defend Bastogne from approaching Nazi troops.

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