Heroes Album Cover

No Bullets Fly


From down below an enemy spotted
So hurry up, rearm and refuel
But through the bomber’s damaged airframe
See wounded men, scared to their bone

Look to the right and then look again
And see the enemy in the eye
No bullets fly, spared by his mercy
Escorted out, out of harm’s way

Fly, fighting fair, it’s the code of the air
Brothers, heroes, foes

Killing machine
Honour in the skies
Flying home
Killing machine
Said goodbye to the cross he deserved

He risked his life two times that day
To save an unknown enemy
Escort to safety, out of the killzone
A short salute, then departed

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Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
Following a successful air raid on the German city of Bremen, Charlie Brown's American B-17 bomber, ‘Ye Old Pub’, suffered severe damage. When German fighter ace, Franz Stigler, was ordered to shoot it down, he risked his life to escort the bomber to safety instead of attacking.

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