Primo Victoria Album Cover

Into The Fire


Sent from home overseas
And into the unknown
Barely landed in the jungle
Sent on first patrol

Sundown, darkness falls
Dig in for the night
Ambushed in the dawn they came
The jungle’s alive

I feel my fire starts to burn
The heat controlling my mind
Berserk, a savage running wild
Within me the beast starts to roar

Now I’m ready to strike
A creature of the night
Into the fire
The flame of napalm strike

Sarge’s down I’m in charge
VCs everywhere
Overrun yet order airstrike
Condemned us all to burn

Napalm from above
Burning friend and foe
Chaos on the battlefield
The jungle’s on fire

This place, it’s driving me insane
Napalm, it’s burning us all
This fight no man will live to tell
Within me my blood starts to boil

From above the airstrike came
And it burned the world below
Napalm falling from the sky
And it leaves no man alive

I feel my fire starts to burn
The heat controlling my mind
Napalm, it’s burning us alive
Within me the beast’s final roar

Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
The Vietnam War was officially a war between North and South Vietnam. Countries around the world, such as the USA, became involved in the conflict. The various tactics used during this war, including the brutal use of Napalm, remain controversial to this day.

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