Primo Victoria Album Cover

Purple Heart


When we signed up for the army
To a rangers company
Armed with M16’s
Straight into the war

Then we served under the banner
Clad in US stars and stripes
And on moonless nights
We marched for endless miles

Once we were soldiers, once we were young
We have found our peace, we’ve seen the end

Fallen in war
We belong to history
Fallen in war
Sleep six feet below
Hearts of the brave
Cannot bring me back to life
Fallen in war
Still brothers in arms

We have fought in distant conflict
And for all to many years
Seen our friends go down
Wounded dead or lost

Know that peace comes at a high price
It may take a thousand lives
And a deep belief
Sacrifice of men

Shining heart beats no more
Buried deep, deep in cold earth
Shallow grave in my motherland
Here I stay, in darkness forever

Historic Fact
The Purple Heart is a U.S. military decoration awarded to killed or wounded service personnel in the name of the President, on or after 5th April 1917. It was first awarded on 22nd February 1932 and almost two million have been awarded since. Marine Sgt. Albert L. Ireland (1918-1997) was awarded a record nine Purple Hearts (five in WW2 and four in the Korean War). Other notable recipients include President JFK, the actor Charles Bronson, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, director Oliver Stone and the subject of Heroes‘ ‘To Hell and Back’, Audie Murphy and ‘Soldier of 3 Armies’, Lauri Törni.