Steel Commanders single cover

Steel Commanders ft. Tina Guo


Over 100 years ago since we first rode into fire
The rulers of the battlefield, rolling over trench and wire

Into battle, no retreat, roll out, for our foes we spell disaster
In the footsteps of Montgomery, Patton followed we came after

Flers-Courcelette showed the way
Evolution leading to
El-Alamein until today
We’re the first ones into the fray

Steel Commanders
Rule the battlefield
Spearhead Flanders
Tankers leading the
Storm of panzers
Battle calling the
Steel Commanders

From the Mark 1’s introduction to the beast known as the Leopard
With our Chieftains and Centurions our frontline has been tempered

From the fields of Prokhorovka, to the shores of Overlord
The beginning of the victory, Shermans rolling on to Sword

Music:Joakim Brodén
Lyrics:Joakim Brodén, Pär Sundström
Historic Fact
Get ready to headbang with our latest collaboration with World of Tanks. Together, we made an epic music video for ‘Steel Commanders’ and it’s the perfect way to kick off our new massive collaboration. Steel Commanders is an essential addition to every tanker’s battle music playlist.