The Art Of War Album Cover



Rise of nations pride

Russians on a route to ruin
Kreml is more then certain to win
Sent away an army to the west

Blizzard reigned the ground were chosen
Snow was deep and hell were frozen
Stalin were too eager to invade

He thought of the might he possessed
And not of his foe
Rage of winter

Rise, nations pride
Hold whats yours
Strike’em were it hurts

Fight, hold your ground
Winter war
Reinforce the line

Split them into small divisions
Rip ’em of the conquest visions
Motti tactics used with great result

Snipers move unseen in snowfall
Force them to retreat and recall
Fight the Russian rule and their demand

With Molotov cocktail in hand
No fear of their tanks
Death or glory

A slice of a knife to a throat
And their blood turns to ice

Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
Talvisota (Finnish for “Winter War”) was a military conflict between Finland and the Soviet Union, began on the 30th of November 1939 and ended on the 13th of March 1940. Stalin thought that with the military strength the Soviet Union possessed Finland would be an easy target and surrender within weeks.The russians outnumbered the finnish heavily in manpower. Especially tanks and aircrafts, of which the finnish only had a few hundred. They Soviet offensive had some early success but was then brought to a grinding halt due to one of the coldest winters in memory at the time. The finnish took great advantage of their knowledge about skiing and the maneuvarability that gave them on the snow. That along with knowledge of the terrain and the movements of the Soviet troops lead to uncountable ambushes on convoys and advancing Soviet troops. The war ended in a Soviet victory, but at a very high cost, around 335’000 dead or wounded Russians. While Finland had 70’000 dead or wounded. (Text credits: Filip Stendahl)