The Art Of War Album Cover



It’s under crimson skies hell’s horizon
Our trap will spring
Unaware of our presence they’ll be marching
Straight to their doom

We are prepared for war ready for fire
Stand by to charge
Counting down as they march into destruction
Their time has come

They’ll never know we give no warning
We set a trap they took the bait
Leading them straight into hell

They will not live to tell the tale
We’ll strike at dusk and fight ’til dawn
Tonight our foe is bound to fail
Our time is now all ready at arms

Upon our chosen ground dead men marching
No sign of hope
Victory will be ours before the dawn breaks
Tonight we charge

Chaos and disorder sound of the attack
Charging down the mountain frontal assault
Guns light up the darkness mortars rip the ground
Like a force of nature shaking the field

They never knew we gave no warning
We set a trap they took the bait
Cut off retreat

The beast within berserker rage is
A storm a force unbreakable warmachine

Victims of the ambush
Stains the ground with blood
Fields of execution murderous plan
Soldiers turn to madmen in the dead of night
Fighting with a fury fiery eyes

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Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
On May 30, 1942, the Central HQ of the Partisan Movement was founded. This was the main organ of military control of the Soviet partisans who fought against German occupation during WWII. Moscow officially began organising party-led partisan groups, and by 1943, there were an estimated 130,000 irregulars operating in the German rear.

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