The Art Of War Album Cover

Union [Slopes Of St. Benedict]


As a turn of the tide
It is our turn to rise
The force of a union at war
March over mountains
On our way to the north
On the road that will lead us to Rome
Our way will not be easy
It will take us through hardship and pain
Hill after hill breaking their lines of defense
Head on north

Mile after mile our march carries on
No army may stop our approach
Fight side by side
Many nations unite
At the shadow of Monte Cassino
We fight and die together
As we head for the valley of death
Destiny calls
We’ll not surrender or fail

To arms!
Under one banner
As a unit we stand
And united we fall –
As one fighting together
Bringing an end to the slaughter
Winds are changing
Head on north!

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Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
The Battle of Monte Cassino was a series of assaults on German positions in Cassino, south of Rome, by US and British armies.

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