The Last Stand Album Cover

The Last Stand


In the heart of Holy See
In the home of Christianity
The seat of power is in danger

There´s a foe of a thousand swords
They´ve been abandoned by their lords
Their fall from grace will pave their path, to damnation

Then the 189
In the service of heaven
They’re protecting the holy line
It was 1527, gave their lives on the steps to heaven
Thy will be done!

For the grace, for the might of our lord
For the home of the holy
For the faith, for the way of the sword
Gave their lives so boldly

For the grace, for the might of our lord
In the name of his glory
For the faith, for the way of the sword
Come and tell their story again

Under guard of 42
Along a secret avenue
Castel Saint’Angelo is waiting

They’re the guard of the Holy See
They’re the guards of Christianity
Their path to history is paved with salvation

Dying for salvation with dedication
No Capitulation, annihilation
Papal commendation, reincarnation
Heaven is your destination

In the name of god

Gave their lives so boldly
Come and tell the Swiss Guard’s story again

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Music:Brodén / Rörland
Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
The outnumbered Swiss Guard, protectors of the Vatican, stood against an invading horde during the Sack of Rome in 1527, giving their lives so the Pope could make his escape.

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