The Last Stand Album Cover

Winged Hussars


When the winged hussars arrived

A cry for help in time of need, await relief from holy league
60 days of siege, outnumbered and weak
Sent a message to the sky, wounded soldiers left to die
Will they hold the wall or will the city fall

They’re outnumbered 15 to one
And the battle´s begun

Then the winged hussars arrived
Coming down the mountainside
Then the winged hussars arrived
Coming down they turned the tide

As the days are passing by and as the dead are piling high
No escape and no salvation
Trenches to explosive halls are buried deep beneath the walls
Plant the charges there and watch the city fear

It’s a desperate race against the mine
And a race against time

Cannonballs are coming down from the sky
Janissaries are you ready to die?
We will seek our vengeance eye for an eye

You’ll be stopped upon the steps of our gate
On this field you’re only facing our hate
But back home the Sultan’s sealing your fate

We remember
In September
That’s the night Vienna was freed
We made the enemy bleed!

Stormclouds, fire and steel
Death from above make their enemy kneel
Shining armour and wings
Death from above, it’s an army of kings

We remember
In September
When the winged hussars arrived

Lyrics:Brodén / Sundström
Historic Fact
During the siege of Vienna in 1683, the situation for the citizens and the small defending force was desperate. 140 000 soldiers of the Ottoman Empire was slowly but surely tearing the cities defences apart by digging a tunnel under the moat and city walls. The plan was to detonate a series of mines under the wall to make it collapse and use the rubble as a walkway into the city itself. It was truly a race against time since nobody knew if the christian coalition called ”The Holy League”, under the command of the Polish king John III Sobieski would make it in time. They managed to arrive just in time to save Vienna, and the most fearsome of the warriors among them were the Winged Hussars!