The War To End All Wars Album Cover



The war had been raging and ravaging for 4 years,
leaving millions of casualties from all sides
In the trenches of the frontlines people have asked the question,
what is the price of peace?
how many more must die?

Exactly five years after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand,
Germany is forced to sign an unconditional surrender
For the signing of this historical document
the French city of Versailles is chosen

Signed a treaty to change the world
Tensions fall and a peace is unfurled
Nothing like what had come before
It’s the deal, it’s the treaty that will end the war!

A fragile but hopeful peace falls upon the European continent
America returns to their shores, Russia tend to their own matters
and the British empire disbands their colonial forces

Parades are being held in victorious countries
The war that would end all wars is over

But not everyone agrees
In the underground. something is growing in the dark
Because for some the war never ended
War will never entirely die
it will evolve, it will change
and War will return, sooner than we think

From a shot that would change the world
Tensions rise and a war is unfurled
Nothing like what had come before
It’s the war that will end all war!

Will this war really end all wars?
Can a war really end all war?
Will this war bring another war?
It’s the war that will end all wars!

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Music:Joakim Brodén, Chris Rörland
Lyrics:Joakim Brodén, Pär Sundström
Historic Fact
The Treaty of Versailles was one of five treaties signed by the Central Powers that ended WWI. It was formalised on June 28, 1919, and featured the 'War Guilt clause', which required Germany to give back territory, pay reparations and disarm.

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