Announcing Double Live DVD/BD “The Great Show” and “20th Anniversary Show” to be released on November 19th

The Double Live Release is out November 19 and can already be Pre-Ordered ?

As Pär stated:

“The tours we did for the album The Great War gave us many fantastic memories and highlights in our career. It has been our most successful album so far, followed by the biggest tours and shows.

The amazing 2019 Wacken show which became the official Sabaton 20th Anniversary Show was a natural choice to release, mainly due to the countless requests from our fans.

The other show we decided to go for is our sold out 2020 show at the O2 Arena in Prague, where we played a totally unique show with the great band Apocalyptica.

We also managed to create one of the most exciting box-sets ever released, The Stage Collector’s Edition Boxset, which includes a buildup brick stage!”

Sabaton Live Double -DVD&BluRay Editions

Both titles were filmed during our 2019-2020 “The Great Tour“ world trek, and both feature special guest performers!

1. 20th Anniversary Show (Live at Wacken 2019)

For the greater part of the Wacken concert, we commandeered the festival’s two main stages, the side-by-side-and-connected Faster and Harder Stages, becoming the first artist in Wacken’s 30-year history to utilize both stages simultaneously in this way. During this show we were joined by the Great War choir, a bunch of previous Sabaton members as well as the internationally acclaimed GRAMMY-nominated virtuoso cellist Tina Guo for the encore.

You can watch below the cinematic trailer of the 20th Anniversary show.

Track listing for “The 20th Anniversary Show” (Wacken)

  1. Ghost Division
  2. Winged Hussars
  3. Resist and Bite
  4. Fields of Verdun (with Thobbe Englund)
  5. Shiroyama (with Thobbe Englund)
  6. The Red Baron
  7. The Price of a Mile
  8. Bismarck
  9. The Lion From The North
  10. Carolus Rex
  11. 40:1
  12. The Last Stand
  13. The Lost Battalion
  14. Drum Battle (Hannes Van Dahl vs. Daniel Mullback)
  15. Far From The Fame
  16. Panzerkampf
  17. Night Witches
  18. The Art of War
  19. 82nd All The Way
  20. Great War
  21. Attero Dominatus


  1. Primo Victoria
  2. Swedish Pagans (with Tina Guo)
  3. To Hell And Back (with Tina Guo)

2. The Great Show (Live from The Great Tour in Prague 2020)

For Prague’s “The Great Show” we reunited with Finland’s multi-Platinum cello-rockers, Apocalyptica, who provided a fiery orchestral backing to several of our songs!

Track listing for “The Great Show” (Prague)

  1. Ghost Division
  2. Great War
  3. The Attack Of The Dead Men
  4. Seven Pillars of Wisdom
  5. The Los Battalion
  6. The Red Baron
  7. The Last Stand
  8. Far from the Flame
  9. Night Witches
  10. Angels Calling (with Apocalyptica)
  11. The Price Of A Mile (with Apocalyptica)
  12. The Lion From The North (with Apocalyptica)
  13. Carolus Rex (with Apocalyptica)


  1. Primo Victoria
  2. Bismarck
  3. Swedish Pagans
  4. To Hell And Back