Listen to The Symphony To End All Wars now!

The Symphony To End All Wars

Calling out to our metal brothers and sisters! We are beyond excited to announce that our latest release, The Symphony To End All Wars, is now available on all major digital streaming platforms.

This neoclassical interpretation of The War To End All Wars adds a new dimension to our musical creations and a heightened level of intensity to these incredible tales of the Great War.

You can also get your hands on this symphonic soundtrack edition in vinyl form!

The Symphony To End All Wars is available in 2 vinyl formats:


1. Sarajevo (Symphonic Version)
2. Storm Troopers (Symphonic Version)
3. Dreadnought (Symphonic Version)
4. The Unkillable Soldier (Symphonic Version)
5. Soldier Of Heaven (Symphonic Version)
6. Hellfighters (Symphonic Version)
7. Race To The Sea (Symponic Version)
8. Lady Of The Dark (Symphonic Version)
9. The Valley Of Death (Symphonic Version)
10. Christmas Truce (Symphonic Version)
11. Versailles (Symphonic Version)