Listen/Watch: The Unkillable Soldier – New single

The Unkillable Soldier is out – Listen here and watch the video!

The Unkillable Soldier” tells the story of Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart. He was of Belgian heritage but fought for the British Empire during WW1. Being injured multiple times he became known as the “Man who could not be killed”.

It is the third single from our upcoming album The War To End All Wars and it is now available to listen on all digital music platforms.

Watch the music video

Have you watched the brand new music video of the song? If not, watch it below.

Pär stated about the song:

“The story of Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart represents Sabaton in many ways, but especially because he never gave up in spite of what was thrown against him. We were really captured by the life of this interesting character who “Frankly enjoyed the war…”. “