Finally the time has come to make another album.
Many people have asked us if it will be another album with war themes, and ofcourse it will.
The lyrics based on historical battles has become the mark of Sabaton and we plan not to leave that, at least for now.

And like on the last album we will now ask all of you fans out there if you have any ideas to help us write the album.

So, any ideas for songs about battles can be sent to [email protected], please include links to informations and facts also.

Every idea will be read and considered but please remember that Sabaton is mainly focused on more recent events so please do not ask us to write songs about vikings, knights…

Other bands do that better than us.

Please come with ideas that is more unknown, the perfect concept for a song were the story of
the 720 Polish soldiers who inspired us to write the song 40:1.

We await your ideas.