Do you wonder what Sabaton did in the studio about 1 month ago?
Do you wonder why Primo Victoria, Attero Dominatus, Metalizer and Art of War is so hard to get these days?

This is why…

To be able to continue to do what we all love, meaning to continue to play music and to tour the world, we have now purchased the rights to the Sabaton music.

And to celebrate this we want to make them available again to all of you in a unique cooperation between Sabaton, Nuclear Blast and Black Lodge.

Now what does this mean??

Well, first it means that when you buy a Sabaton album, more of the money spent on the albums will actually go to Sabaton and second it means that we want to celebrate this by making the first four albums available again, but in really cool new versions!

We give you… The Sabaton RE-ARMED Editions and here is a sample of one bonus track:

The 4 first original albums of Sabaton, complete with new artwork, new booklets, posters and of course: New music!
We have digged deep into the treasury of Sabaton to find unique, strange, funny and unexpected songs.

Every album on the RE-ARMED editions will feature new tracks and they will include some old demos, some coversongs, some live versions of songs, some really old and unheard songs and some completely new songs recorded in Studio Abyss.

They will all be re-released on the 24th of September & can from today be pre-ordered right here!