The Sabaton DVD, LIVE AT THE FRONT which were scheduled to be released late February has been postponed.
There are several reasons for this but the main cause is that the quality of the recording was not sufficient to release as a main feature as well as the collision with the making of the new album which required all attention of the band.

“We tried very hard to make a great DVD but with the material we had it was simply not possible. The entire recording & mixing were filled with a lot of problems including that our tourbus broke down in Germany which delayed us and prevented us to make all necessary preparations in Antwerp. This resulted in a product not as good as we want it to be!
The show is still fantastic, crowd is amazing and everytime we see it we get tears in our eyes so we just cannot let it go to waste.”

But to make our first DVD a fullworthy Sabaton release we decided to make a new recording.
This time in our hometown on Rockstad: Falun the 14:th of June where we have all necessary time to make preparations plus that the show will really be something special.

We will still keep all footage from Hof Ter Lo and all other bonusmaterial collected for this release and make it a really cool DVD to be released in the future.
-A DVD that will be worthy the best fans in the world.

We hope you all will have understanding of this and that you, like we do, focus on the new Sabaton album.