World War Live!

Over the years so many people have told us we should make a live-album and finally we fell to the demands of all of you, our fans.

The World War Tour was amazing and we wanted to record it and keep the shows alive forever. So, during the magic night aboard the SABATON Cruise 2010 we recorded the whole show and now we stand ready to release it as the first ever official SABATON live-CD.

And as if it was not enough we also recorded many shows all around Europe and put together a whole CD with mixed songs from various cities.

And finally we decided to release the DVD-recording we did at the first Rockstad: Falun festival 2008 from Falun as a bonus for you who buy the limited edition.

In total it will be over 20 different songs and we have also collected a lot of pictures from the tour and put them in a massive booklet.

We will reveal all details very soon.