Camouflage: The Free Sabaton Magazine!

What do we do when the world shuts down and we cannot tour?

Sit still and do nothing, battle with tanks or realize long time dreams?

Not saying that anything of the above did not happen, but of course we used the time to become creative… So we decided to finally launch the ultimate magazine for all of our fans!

Camouflage is the name of the magazine, and it’s scheduled to arrive 2 times per year.

What is inside then?

The magazine is filled with several sections like “The Great Story” where we discuss the biggest things we are currently working on.

There is a section called “Far From the Fame”, where we introduce you to the people working around us and most of the time do not get the attention they deserve.

To Hell and Back” is another section where we look in the mirror and talk about things that happened in the past. In the “Sabotours” section we talk with former or upcoming tourmates.

For the fans who want to learn more about the stories behind our songs, there is a section called “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”. In this section, Markus Linke, who is one of the historians working with the  Sabaton History Channel, is digging deep into the background of one of our songs.

Additionally, readers will also find out first about new (and not only) merchandise items and accessories available in our store, as well as reviews, quizzes, posters, upcoming tour schedules, plus information regarding the festivals and cruises we are organizing!

What does it cost? Absolutely nothing!

The Camouflage magazine ships for free with all orders placed on https://store.sabaton.net. There is no other way to subscribe to the magazine so if you want the latest Camouflage issue, visit the Sabaton Store, place your order and our merchandise team will ensure that you get the latest issue with your order!