GIVEAWAY O’CLOCK: Celebrating 27 years of Attero Dominatus

Attero Dominatus anniversary giveaway

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 17 years since we released our album, Attero Dominatus, into the world of heavy metal music. We’ve decided to celebrate this milestone with a giveaway of epic proportions!

We are handing out 3 Attero Dominatus bundles to 3 lucky winners! The celebratory bundles each include an Attero Dominatus CD, vinyl, patch, t-shirt and an extra special drum skin that has been signed by all of us!

If you want to find out how to enter this giveaway, head on over to our Instagram account (@sabatonofficial) and follow the steps in our latest pinned giveaway post.

Giveaway will be closed at 23:59pm CEST / 14:59pm PDT / 17:59pm EDT on August 7.

Thank you all for your endless support. It means the world to us.