Q&A time with Chris Rörland

Chris Rörland

After the many questions our talented guitarist, Chris, received across all of our social media accounts – there were indeed MANY – he hand-picked his favourite four and answered them for you.

What’s the one riff or solo that you’re most proud of on the new album?

The Valley Of Death is the one solo that I’m most proud of. It really shows my love for melodies and creating a solo that really speaks from the heart.

What does the use of a 7-string guitar bring to Sabaton?

It brings a lot more than you can think. Because we’re two guitar players in the band, we like to not play the same thing. Instead, we often play octaves on each other to widen the sound. I actually prefer to play a 7-string neck because of my enormous hands haha!

What’s your fave videogame?

For now, it’s Serious Sam 4 and Horizon: Forbidden West.

What would you do if there was no Sabaton?

I would probably work as a graphic designer. I love to create creative designs and artworks for bands & companies.