Q&A time with Joakim Brodén

Joakim Brodén

For the fifth and final part of our Ask Me Anything campaign, which has been running across our social media accounts, our brilliant vocalist and keyboard player, Joakim, has handpicked four of your questions to answer. We would like to thank everyone who participated. You rock!

What was your dream job when you were younger and would you do that if you weren’t doing music?

The only thing I remember is dreaming of being a fighter pilot (probably because of Top Gun) but I never got too obsessed by it. And if I’d do something else today, I’d probably become a professor in archaeology… With a fedora and a whip!

Favourite 80s song, rock song and heavy metal song?

Ouch, this is a tough one.
80s: Cannelloni Makaroni – Lasse Holm
Rock song: Lady in Black – Uriah Heep
Metal song: Stranger – UDO

Tips on being a better vocalist?

I never planned to be a vocalist – I was the keyboard player and was only going to sing until we found a singer, so I might be the wrong person to answer this. But I really believe that it’s important to try not to lose your own vocal identity by trying to copy your favourite singers too much. Technical stuff can come with practice and experience, and tips can be found online or by any vocal coach, but only you can be you.

What would be your best advice for starting a band? 

Only do it if it’s for fun and if you’re performing music you love with people you like. Otherwise, you’re bound to fail and/or have a miserable time.