Sabaton & Friends – Presenting Amaranthe

Sabaton & Friends: Amaranthe

We are delighted to announce that our latest Sabaton & Friends playlist is now available. We’ve collaborated with the wonderful Amaranthe from Sweden for our very last playlist in this epic series.

Present in the world of metal since 2008, Amaranthe plays goosebump-inducing music. The members expertly blend various genres of metal and are truly a sight to behold live. They recently played at Sabaton Open Air 2022 and blew the crowd away with their performance.

You know the drill for Sabaton & Friends, but let us remind you! Amaranthe have carefully selected their favourite Sabaton tunes, and in return, we’ve handpicked our favourite songs from their catalogue, to offer you an incredible metal playlist.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this initiative – keep an eye out for our playlists in the future. And one more really important thing, don’t forget to BLAST IT LOUD!