Sabaton & Friends – Presenting HammerFall

Sabaton & Friends: HammerFall

Greetings metal brothers and sisters!

Our third playlist in our Sabaton & Friends series is officially out and ready to satisfy your ears.

This incredibly METAL playlist was put together by us and our Swedish brothers, HammerFall, from Gothenburg. These guys have been going since 1993 and are celebrating 25 years of HEAVY METAL – what an epic milestone!

So you’re probably already aware of how Sabaton & Friends works, but we’ll explain it to you again. HammerFall have carefully selected their favourite Sabaton tracks, and in return, we’ve chosen our favourite HammerFall tracks, to create a monumental amalgamation of our music.

We hope you enjoy this playlist and don’t forget, you can catch us and HammerFall at Sabaton Open Air 2022, which takes place from August 3-6, 2022.