Sabaton & Friends – Presenting Hulkoff



We’re happy to see that our Sabaton & Friends playlists are proving popular among our metal family. So now, we present to you the seventh playlist in the series. This time, we’ve collaborated with our very close friend, Pär Hulkoff. This playlist features songs from his self-titled project, Hulkoff, and his bands Raubtier and Bourbon Boys.

Not only does he share the same first name as our bassist, but he is totally on the same wavelength as us, which made compiling this playlist a pleasure. Hulkoff channels the power of the Vikings through his music, and his warrior folk metal breathes new life into ancient Scandinavian tales and historical events. Meanwhile, Raubtier’s music is more on the industrial side of metal and Bourbon Boys’ sound provides country rock vibes.

For this playlist, Hulkoff has selected his favourite Sabaton songs, and in return, we chose our most loved tracks from his catalogue.

Make sure you play this LOUD and keep your eyes peeled for more!