Steel Commanders Pre-save Competition Winners


Congratulations to the 15 winners who pre-saved Steel Commanders and won prizes (Merchandise or WOT Bonus codes)! You will be contacted by a representative from our record label Nuclear Blast with instructions on how to claim your prize so please check your email


  1. Nikita P. (WOT Bonus Code)
  2. Stijn V S. (WOT Bonus Code)
  3. Cavan M. (Merchandise)
  4. Josh M. (WOT Bonus Code)
  5. Viktor L. (Merchandise)
  6. Jai B. (Merchandise)
  7. Solovyev A. (WOT Bonus Code)
  8. Kamke J. (WOT Bonus Code)
  9. Bradley K. (WOT Bonus Code)
  10. Gimpl S. (WOT Bonus Code)
  11. Tim M. (Merchandise)
  12. Istvan U. (WOT Bonus Code)
  13. Ali A. (WOT Bonus Code)
  14. Eskil S. (Merchandise)
  15. Seth B. (WOT Bonus Code)

Very big THANK YOU to everyone who participated! Let’s all now blast our brand new single ?