HOT OFF THE PRESS: Issue 3 of Camouflage out now!

Camouflage issue 3


We’re happy to announce that issue 3 of Camouflage, the official Sabaton magazine, is now available – and we gotta say, it looks amazing.

Our dedicated team has put months of hard work into this new edition for you and we are confident that this is our best issue yet. It’s filled to the brim with interesting stories and information. More specifically, you’ll find our tour diary in issue 3, a really cool interview with our guitarist, Chris, tons of new merch, a Sabaton comic and so much more!

If you want a glimpse into the world of all things Sabaton, then you need to get your hands on Camouflage #3. You get your very own copy of the latest edition with any purchase from our official store.

And just a side note, if you didn’t manage to get your hands on issue 2 of Camouflage, worry not. It’s available for purchase.

We hope you enjoy our latest issue!