JUST IN: Get your “Resist and Bite” t-shirt!

New Resist-and-Bite-T-shirt

On this day in 1933, the Chasseurs Ardennais formed, and we wanted to pay tribute to this 90-year milestone with a brand new and seriously badass “Resist and Bite” t-shirt.

First, here’s a little bit of background info. The Chasseurs Ardennais was a Belgian Armed Forces unit known for its resistance against Germany’s invasion of Belgium in World War 2. Their motto was “Resist and Bite”, which underlines their ferocity, and their insignia was a wild boar, which is pretty strong, agile creature that can inflict serious injuries during attack.

Their story left such a lasting impression on us, that we couldn’t help but write a song about them entitled “Resist and Bite” – you’re probably familiar with it!

Our newly launched t-shirt features the Chasseurs Ardennais’ iconic wild boar wearing a military helmet, and is the perfect addition to your Sabaton collection. It features a vibrant design both front and back.

Make sure you get yours now, and don’t forget… WE WILL RESIST AND BITE!