JUST IN: The Valley of Death collectible Propaganda t-shirt

The Valley Of Death Propaganda Shirt

It’s that time again!

Our brand-new, collectible Propaganda t-shirt is officially out, and this time it pays tribute to our song, “The Valley of Death”, from our latest album, “The War To End All Wars”.

Do you know the story behind our track? Well, “The Valley of Death” was written about the Battle of Doiran in 1917, which happened during the First World War. Throughout this battle, Bulgarian troops went up against a significantly larger, stronger and much more equipped British force. But due to strong command and secure fortifications, they were able to hold the line time and time again, with the United Kingdom suffering heavy casualties. It was reported that the British soldiers referred to this battle ground as “The Valley of Death”.

All of our Propaganda t-shirts have unique stories behind them, and who doesn’t love a good story, especially when it’s infused with METAL?

Get yours and WEAR IT WITH PRIDE! Make sure you secure yours quickly as numbers are limited!