Lady of the Dark merch drop!

Lady of the Dark merch

You asked for it and we always deliver!

We now have ‘Lady of the Dark’ t-shirts available to complement our popular song from our album, The War To End All Wars. The design and the quality are second-to-none, plus there’s a cool story behind the track, so you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one of these awesome shirts!

Milunka Savić, a war icon from Serbia, is the most decorated female combatant in the history of warfare. In 1912, her brother was called up to serve in the First Balkan War. She proceeded to cut off her hair and disguised herself as a man to fight in his place.

Savić went on to fight two Balkan wars as well as World War I. Having more than earned the respect of her superiors, she came out of the international conflict with a selection of medals, awards and recognition for her achievements.

Channel your inner warrior in our new Lady of the Dark t-shirts and pay homage to Savić, who’s actually ‘celebrating’ her alternative birthday today (August 10, 1888).

Wear yours with pride!