MERCH DEALS MONTHLY: Up to 30% off EP merch for 36 hours only!

Merch Deals Monthly: Up to 30% off all EP related products

We made a very exciting announcement yesterday regarding our upcoming “Stories From The Western Front” EP, so we thought why the hell not give our metal brothers and sisters a special treat to celebrate!

For 36 hours ONLY, we are offering up to 30% off all products related to our “Echoes Of The Great War” EP trilogy. We have a range of items to support our “Weapons Of The Modern Age” and “Heroes Of The Great War” EPs. Take your pick from 6 t-shirts, a puzzle and a patch.

Interested in updating your Sabaton merch collection? We’ll here’s your chance to do that.

Remember, you have 36 hours only.

Happy shopping, metalheads!