We can now confirm the rumors, Sabaton will play one final show @ Trix/Hof Ter Lo in Antwerp on the 18th of December.

This will be a one-off and we will not bring a setlist or respect any venue curfew.

Last tour we ended in Essen (Germany) and it was a totally magic night, this time the honor to end the tour has come to Belgium and we are sure that this will be the perfect place and country that we will remember when we enter the studio.

The last 5 times Sabaton played Trix/Hof Ter Lo it was sold out in advance so if you do not want to miss the show of the year make sure you get your tickets direct.
Tickets will be released on the 26:th of August.

This show will mark the end of the fantastic 1,5 year long World War Tour and is likely the last chance to hear some of our songs for a very long time since next time we go on tour it will be with a completely new album in our backs.

After this show we will return to Sweden and start working on the next studioalbum which currently has the working name “Kings of War”.

History will be written.

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