Last saturday we fought in the Soccer tournament “Metallsvenskan” and that was about all the sports we will do this year. We fought hard in the football tournament but unlike last year when we made it to second last position we got all the way to the semifinals and ended on third place!

Big thanks to Tobbe, Olof and Mats for reinforcing the team and also a big thanks to Elbolaget i Ludvika & www.citycamo.se for sponsoring the team.

During the evening we had an amazing show and we tried some of our new songs and stageset.

For you who saw the show you know now that it was some cool pyrotechnical effects. That was a warmup and we have now perfected the show even more.
On the releaseparty at Rockstad:Falun we will unleash the full power of Unique Pyrotechics on the stage.