SABATON Live Stream has officially launched on YouTube!

24/7 Sabaton Live Stream on YouTube

It has been a personal mission of ours to launch a 24/7 Sabaton live stream on our YouTube channel, and following a lot of hard work, we can officially reveal that WE’VE DONE IT!

Back in the day, we had our very own internet radio station in Sweden. We remember receiving a lot of requests from the rest of the world to make it available internationally. So, following much investigation and idea testing, we are happy to launch “SABATON Live Stream” on YouTube, and the cherry on the cake is that everyone can access it!

“SABATON Live Stream” is the ultimate, nonstop metal live stream that features all of our songs, from our old classics to our new releases, as well as our music videos. It guarantees an unparalleled metal feast that will no doubt ignite your passion for headbanging, moshing and air-guitaring.

Whether you’re chilling, working out or rocking out, this epic live stream will always be there to deliver the relentless energy of our music straight to your speakers.

Tune in at any time and make sure you interact with the chat, as there are some surprises waiting. We’ll also be releasing some exclusive, never-seen-before footage, including live recordings and unreleased videos, in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check it out NOW and unleash the power of heavy metal music!